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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tickling in the Dark

When I was a senior at Goucher, one day I was walking back towards my dorm with Ridg and Shari. Ridg was a good friend of mine since Freshman year, an upstanding student, a told blond who was intellectual, intellectual, leaning towards political science in his interests. Shari I'd known only since the beginning of that year, and she was fun, energetic and spritely, with wild unkempt hair, an intellectual leaning more towards abstract philosophy and art. She also had a serious crush on me, but that won't be important right now.

One of Ridg's prized skill was his ability to tickle. He had a precise knowledge of the particular tickle-points along the human anatomy and he could poke, prod or otherwise agitate them with surgical precision. We were passing through a hallway beneath the main level of the dorms and Ridg started tickling Shari and me. We moved ahead quickly and came to an empty section of hallway with doors at either end. When the two door were closed and a light switch was flicked on, we were plunged in complete darkness and the two of us started to retaliate on Ridg. In the process of poking and giggling, and trying to avoid being poked, we slowly sunk to the floor, the three of us pressed into the corner, or bodies coiled around in each other in a knot from which we couldn't be easily extricated.

Eventually someone had to call time out, and we turned on the lights, uncoiled each other from each other and stood up. And then the lights were promptly turned off and we were at it again. This time Ridg and Shari teamed up on me and I silently retreated. I hid low to the ground in the shadows trying to move away silently and not to make a sound while they called out "Joe, where are you, we've got a present for you." I eventually couldn't help but laugh, and their radar then zeroed in on me and attacked.

Eventually, we had to put the lights back on, straighten our clothes and return to the everyday business of being a college student.

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