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Friday, March 25, 2011

Amanda considers

When I was a freshman, attending Goucher College, I was put with a roommate named Nate. Nate was a small, skinny redhead, who played soccer, loved to party and loved to chase women. We got along fine, but it must be admitted that he was quite different than me. On the weekends, and even on some school nights, he'd put on something that looked good, spray himself with Polo Sport, and run off to drink and party with his soccer buddies. I, on the other hand, would study, would go to bed relatively early, had (and still do have) a very low tolerance for alcohol and mostly kept to myself and to a close knit set of friends (who were mostly girls, if we must be honest).

One night, early in the first semester Nate was, as usual, out partying and I had gone to sleep early. He returned to the room late, well after I was asleep, but he brought with him a girl named Amanda and a friend of hers I didn't know. I had met Amanda before; Nate had once introduced her to me. She was a beautiful blond lacrosse player with a bold, brusque personality and a devilish sense of humor. I was overawed and amazed by her, even a little smitten. When Nate, Amanda and her friend entered the room I didn't wake up, but woke up at some point while they were already in the room talking. Even after I awoke, I pretended to be asleep, out of shyness or politeness, I don't know.

While they were talking at one point, Amanda looked at me and said, "Your roommate looks so peaceful there. Do you dare me to kiss him?" When I heard this, on the outside I remained placid, so as not to blow my cover, but on the inside, I had a rush of excitement. Nate and her friend grew silent waiting to see what she'd do. I could hear her get closer, my heart was pounding in anticipation of that cherished kiss. Then she hesitated and backed away. She said to them, "I can't He just looks too innocent!"

Soon thereafter, the three of them left the room. When they were gone, I could no longer pretend to be asleep and sat up in my bed. All I could think to myself was thoughts like "That was crazy!" and "Whoa!", which lasted for a while, until I finally was able to settle down and get back to sleep.

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