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Friday, March 25, 2011

Gantry Plaza 2

Long Island-Gantry Plaza
PLong Island-Gantry Plaza a photo by allistair on Flickr.

I mentioned in my previous entry about coming across Gantry Plaza quite by accident. What makes it most interesting is the evident history behind it. You can see in the sitting area, around the benches, the remnants of train tracks that the Long Island Railroad used to use to ride the train cars up to the water's edge. The buildings you see are gantry cranes, which would lift the train cars onto massive barges, so they could be ferried back and forth from Manhattan. It was cumbersome work, so when it could be done more efficiently by bridge, these gantries went out of use and mostly were just left to rust. In the late 90s, the state decided to restore the area and turn it into a park. The gantries are just a part of the Gantry Plaza State Park, which extends up the East River coastline to the famous Pepsi sign.

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