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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 7

Asha then began to lay out the conditions of the truce that she wished to initiate between the vampires and villagers: “We will cease all of our attacks and kidnapping, hereon and in perpetuity, and in exchange you will cease to kill us.”  Then she looked directly at Andrei and added, “And cease to feed on us.”

“I think that’s something all of the other villages can agree on.  Most of our attacks are motivated by self-defense.  If you ended any and all attacks on us, I don’t see any reason why we should continue hostilities,” Magistrate Lucian said, speaking judiciously and carefully.

“Except for your ‘vampire wares,’” Asha added, “Which ought to be destroyed.  And the whole shop where they’re sold ought to be burnt to the ground.”

“Keep trying,” Andrei said, “You haven’t failed enough times?  You’ve tried to destroy it before.  Maybe this time you’ll succeed.”

“Did I say you could speak, maggot?” Asha screeched, standing from her chair and approaching Andrei, “I wouldn’t even deign to drink your blood if you were bleeding, it’s probably as black as ash and tastes of venom!”

“Please!” Lucian interjected himself between them, and urged Asha to sit back down.  She recoiled when Lucian approached her. “Andrei you were told to be quiet during these proceedings.  I don’t want to hear any more from you,” Lucian said, then turning back to Asha, “I’m sorry.  Let’s continue.”  Lucian then asked, returning to his seat, “Are all of the vampires in your group behind you.”

“The coven obeys me,” Asha said, “They disobey at their peril.”

“But what if one of them were to disobey?  Then what?” Lucian asked.

“I would punish him severely,” Asha said with relish.

“I don’t know if that’s enough for us,” Lucian said cautiously, “We’d have more confidence if the offender were handed over to us, so we can be sure that punishment is being meted out?  Is that acceptable?”  Lucian waited for a response then he ventured cautiously, “Or what if the offender were handed over to” nodding in Andrei’s direction, “to him.”  Lucian waited for Asha’s reaction, though her face was quite inscrutable, “This would only be for those who killed or drank the blood of one of our villagers, of course.”

“Clever idea,” Asha said, “You placate the people who depend on this maggot’s products to keep their frail bodies from withering.”  Asha then stopped, as if thinking for a moment, asking, “Would you extend the same courtesy to us?  Would you give us all your condemned criminals to do with as we please?”

“That’s possible.  I can discuss it,” Lucian nodded, “Any other provisions you want to suggest?”

“We just want a truce.  All other provisions are inessential.  I suggest you gather the other surrounding villages quickly and see if they’ll buy into it before we waste any more time,” Asha said.

“I think they will,” Lucian said, smiling, “But I’ll get right on it.  I think this will be something that will be mutually beneficial and very long-lasting”

Lucian stood up and extended a hand to shake with Asha.  She looked at it and didn’t move, saying, “I don’t think we should touch.  I don’t want to infect you.”

“Right,” Lucian said, withdrawing his hand in embarrassment, “Beniamin will let you out.”

Beniamin who had been hastily taking notes on a sheet of paper the whole time, his nose close to the paper to try and see what he was writing in the dark, now dropped his pen and sprang to his feet, leading the vampires, whose heads were now covered, out of the room.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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