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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 14

Sister Oana, holding a candle in one hand and holding Madalina’s wrist in the other, led the way towards the kitchen.

When they peered in, there opened for them, in the dim light, a large-sized room, amply stocked for feeding the many dozens of people that ate in the monastery.  There was a large fireplace with a place for hanging pots for cooking the stew and porridge that were the main part of their diet, as well as a smaller hearth beside it for bread-making.  Bricked into the walls were a number of storage shelves filled with dishware and cookware, with counters on top for food prep and above them pots and pans hanging on hooks on the wall.  In the center of the room was a wooden table, also used for food prep, with sacks of food stored beneath it.

Madalina quickly looked through the room for the potato sack, which she hoped was there.  The room was a poor place to hide, as she now realized.  About the only good hiding place she could see was behind a barrel of ale, which she chastised herself for not thinking of.  And she especially chastised when she finally found the potato sack in the corner.  Their potato stock was running low and there only remained about twenty potatoes in the sack.  It was certainly not big enough to hide behind.

An onion sack was near it and it was almost full and Madalina crawled behind it, mostly concealing herself.  “I hid like this,” Madalina said, biting her lips, hoping that Sister Oana wouldn’t notice that it wasn’t the potato sack.

Sister Oana though looked at her incredulously, “So, now it’s the onion sack you hid behind?  So you expect me to forget that you said the potato sack earlier?  And you expect me not to notice that the potato sack is almost empty?  You are a liar!”

“I simply misspoke, Sister Oana,” Madalina said meekly.

Sister Oana was not swayed by Madalina’s contrite posture and benign-sounding voice.  She grabbed Madalina forcefully by the wrist, pulling her towards her and then smacked her repeatedly on the behind with her hand.  Madalina screamed with pain.

“You out to be thankful that I do not have my paddle at hand you lying little brat!” Sister Oana yelled.  Then she noticed a large serving spoon hanging on the wall, and figured that it would do.  She then proceeded to start whacking Madalina’s behind with the spoon, until Madalina’s bottom was raw with pain.

“Are you going to tell me where you were?” Sister Oana yelled, repeating it several times while Madalina cried uncontrollably.

Sister Oana finally stopped and dragged Madalina out of the room, asked her, “Do you know what we do with lying little troublemakers like you?”  Madalina wasn’t able to say anything between her sobs, so Sister Oana said, entering the church, “We take them to the crypt and leave them there until they repent.”

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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