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Monday, January 9, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 5

As the sun fully rose, the farmers went out to the fields and tended their crops and livestock, Andrei opened his store for business, Vasile slept, and out of the woods five black-cloaked figures entered the village.

The five figures wore heavy black hooded cloaks that dragged along the ground.  Their hands underneath were covered in leather gloves, and their heads were completely covered by black hoods that only afforded a small opening in the front.  The moved in a V, like a flock of geese, with one figure in front and the two pairs flanking her and behind her on either side.

The five figures stopped on the main street near the town hall, and as the villagers saw them they gathered around, keeping their distance, in fear.  Cornel, the blacksmith, stopped his unending hammering and walked out onto the main street wearing his leather apron and carrying a hammer in hand.  Josif, the farmer, middle-aged and grey stood at the front with his staff in hand.

The leader of the cloaked figures, with a feminine voice announced to the villagers, “We have come to see Magistrate Lucian.  Could you please take us to him,” but she did so in such a hissing voice that the femininity of the voice was eclipsed by this harsh tone.

There was nervous muttering in the crowd, but someone did go to fetch Lucian, who was seated in his office in the town hall.  The crowd then waited in tense silence, looking at the hooded figures with suspicion and fear.  Finally, Josif took the initiative, hurling himself at the lead figure with a staff raised.  The farmer shouted as he tried to crack his staff upon the hooded figure's head.  The figure stood in mute silence as he ran towards her, waiting until the last moment to move.  She finally raised her hand and parried the staff.  Josif stumbled as his staff ultimately struck the ground and the dark figure pushed him forcefully such that he landed a few feet away and rolled onto the dirt.

“We came here to talk!” the female figure boomed and the villagers recoiled further.  Josif pulled himself up and dusted himself off, smarting more from the embarrassment than from any wound.

Lucian then stepped outside, a youngish-looking and dashing gentleman of high birth.  Though he was well into his forties, he had the looks and vigor of a man half his age.  He had a trim gray wig, with ponytail hanging behind, was clean-shaven and wore a fine jacket and breeches.

Lucian looked at the five figures standing motionlessly in front of the small crowd that had gathered and addressed the lead figure: “It’s Asha, isn’t it?”  She nodded and he said, “Let’s get you inside then.  Right this way.”  As the five figures approached he shouted at the crowd, “Make way.  They are here at my invitation.”

Andrei stepped out of his shop to see the five cloaked figures walking towards the crowd, which moved away on either side as they approached.  Andrei was a wiry figure, dressed in a modest robe that covered over the shirt and loose breaches he wore underneath.  His gray hair was cropped close against his skull and he wore a trim mustache and beard on his face.  He had the look of modest, even stingy affluence, but also of relaxed comfort and ease.

Andrei watched the five vampires walking into the town hall with Lucian leading the way.  He pondered the situation for a moment and then decided to close up shop and see if could horn in on whatever meeting Lucian was engaged in with those vampires.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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