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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 2

For raw materials, Andrei depended upon an aged hunter named Vasile.  Vasile worked at night, and on this night, like nearly every night, he spent most of his time waiting.  He waited now on a branch many body-lengths off the ground on a tree near the very heart of the forest, in stretches of wood that were as far as one could get from any of the surrounding villages.  The various villages in this region carved out little pockets of farmland within the otherwise unremitting forests.  Vasile waited in one of the deepest parts of the forest, more than a league from Vallaya.

Not just any prey would do for him that night.  The only desirable prey, the prey with by far the highest bounty and the one that concerned him, was the vampire prey.

Vasile had a thick, grey beard, that covered a face of tanned, rugged skin.  He pinched wrinkles all around his eyes as he squinted into the dark trying to grasp any glimpse he could of movement.  In his hands a crossbow stood ready, with another cocked and hanging at his side.  A bow and a quiver of arrows were on his shoulder as a secondary weapon to follow the crossbows.

After a long wait of sitting in the frigid night cold, while his warm breath breathed wet vapor into the cold air, he finally saw movement in the distance.  He was immediately spurred into an excited readiness, since it had been a few days since he’d seen any vampires.  He would only have a few moments to identify, aim and fire, especially if it were a vampire, since they were skittish creatures that moved quickly and could be very dangerous when injured.

Squinting into the starlight-lit forest, he was able to identify the movement of two legs.  Definitely not animal.  They moved with such strength and agility, almost floating over the soft forest floor as they ran.  Definitely not human.  No human moved with such grace and speed.

Immediately, he took quick, but careful aim, and shot.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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