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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 3

The tiny crossbow bolt struck flesh and the injured vampire stumbled when the bolt pierced through the upper thigh, just where Vasile had aimed.  The next shot had to follow quickly in succession and hit just as true if he were to fell his prey.  Vasile picking up the second crossbow, again took quick but careful aim and shot.  Another hit, as aimed, in the leg and the vampire again stumbled, tumbling forward onto the leaf-covered turf.  While the vampire pulled himself to his feet, Vasile grabbed the bow from over his shoulder, drawing his first arrow, putting it in place and aiming.  Vasile wasn’t as skilled with the longbow, so he aimed for a body shot.  This was the easiest of the first three shots, the vampire was only just raising himself from the ground, and his target area was larger, but he still had to take careful aim and fire his shot before the vampire had a chance to return to a full run.  His arrow slid through the air and pierced through the vampire’s side, pushing through the torso and poking out through the back.  With this last shot, the vampire toppled onto the ground and didn’t attempt to rise again.

Vasile waited a few moments to see if it would try to get up and then he dropped from the tree.  He slowly approached the vampire with bow and arrow drawn.  This was the most dangerous point, since the vampire was most likely only injured, and still capable of surviving if it could either escape or, more preferably, kill its predator.  The vampire might still have the capacity to lunge at Vasile and attack, especially if it were one of the older, stronger vampires who might require as many as a dozen arrows to kill.  Thus Vasile approached him cautiously.

The creature that he saw by the faint starlight was a pale dark-cloaked young male.  He was fit and slim, clearly a younger vampire, flawless and healthy-looking.  The vampire’s trembling, blood-stained hand was reaching out to pull one of the bolts from his thigh while he breathed in quick and shallow breaths.

Standing at a safe distance, both to reduce the risk of the vampire suddenly attacking him and to reduce the risk of infection, Vasile took careful aim, pointing his spearpoint at the vampire’s pale, taut neck.  The Vampire heard Vasile’s almost soundless footsteps as he carefully stepped between the dry leaves, and he turned in terrified anger to look at the old man with arrow drawn and aimed.  He began to push himself off the ground for one last desperate lunge, when Vasile launched his arrow through the neck, piercing the soft skin and poking through the back of the neck.  The vampire collapsed and his breath quickly slowed and finally stopped, while Vasile still waited at a close distance with another arrow already drawn.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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