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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 11

Outside the monastery was a road, which inclined downward and curved in the direction of Vallaya.  Madalina didn’t want to go to Vallaya, she wanted to head into the woods, the dark and dangerous woods, that only the vampires and the vampire hunters would ever dare to enter at night.  This would in fact be the eleventh time in the past few weeks that she had snuck out into the woods, and she was eager that tonight would be the night she’d find what she was looking for.

Madalina was a short, plain, dark-haired girl with fiery eyes and olive skin.  She moved quickly, she acted and thought quickly and she was always apt to seize opportunities with the swiftness and directedness of a frog snatching a fly from the air.

What she had recently seized upon was the idea that becoming a vampire would serve as an escape from the monastery that she had been unwillingly interred within.  For this reason she had begun to, for the past several weeks, as often as possible, sneak out of the monastery complex at night, just as she was doing this night.  She would then immerse herself in the vampire-haunted woods for a time, in the hope of running into a vampire and begging him to infect her.

Unfortunately, the woods sprawled in many directions and she did not know where the vampires could be found.  They did not have, to her knowledge, some sort of gathering place where she could find them.  They apparently lived in a cave somewhere, and they had to occasionally emerge from this cave, presumably for the purposes of feeding.  Her plan was thus to chance upon one of them when they were looking for food.

Her hope was, undoubtedly, that they wouldn’t decide to feed on her, and would give her an opportunity to speak and ask them to make her one of them.  Though she had never met a vampire and didn’t know they were like, she presumed that this level of decency would be common to all persons, vampire or otherwise.  What she discovered was something different.

After briskly walking further and further away from her monastery for what seemed like an hour, Madalina decided to give up for the night and head back.  She couldn’t stay out too long lest someone in the monastery might notice her absence.

As she turned around, though, she saw, in a flash, a blur of movement moving towards her.  She reacted instantly, ducking and moving away from it laterally.  A heavy object struck her arm and bruised it, but she continued to sprint away from whatever it was that threatened her in a panic.

She permitted herself a quick glance behind her and saw a large net settling onto the ground where she had just been standing.  The object that had struck her was a round weight, one of four on the corners of the net that were used to drop it from above.

Then she saw, falling like a raindrop from above, a person, a vampire no doubt, landing gently on the ground next to the net.  She slowed down somewhat and turned her head more to get a better look at it: it was undoubtedly a male vampire, in a black coat and pale skin.

The vampire then raised one hand and began to swing some sort of rope around in the air above his head.  Seeing this Madalina increased her speed.  When the vampire threw this object in her direction, she quickly darted to the side and put a tree between herself and the vampire.  The object, a bolas, abortively struck the tree behind her.  She then turned, taking cover behind another tree and stopped.  The bolas, consisting of three weighted balls connected by a rope, she had never seen, but presumed it was meant to knock her down or trip her.

The vampire raised a second bolas in his hand and began swinging it before Madalina finally screamed out, “Stop this!  I have come to talk with you.”

The vampire stopped swinging the bolas and dropped his arm and looked in her direction, where he could just see her face peaking out from behind a tree. “But I have not come to talk with you,” he said in a coarse, grating voice that carried through the night air.

“At least listen to me,” she shouted forcefully.

He didn’t move or say anything, so she presumed that she had his ear for at least a minute or so.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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