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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Aresan Clan Summary - Parts 61-70

Mill tries to ambush and kill Lipmon before he and Roderick leave Orinda, but he is unsuccessful, and has to secretly follow them to Waldoon.

That evening Jule sneaks out of the Cloisters to meet with a man from the Itinerants. The Sages have Jule under constant surveillance, and so witness the meeting. Noone orders Amida to follow this Itinerant courier. She hastily packs a backpack and pursues.

Anders has his three official philosophers of state, Apamix, Taney and Sidd, investigate the powers of Tann, the Prodigal Prodigy. They bring in two soldiers who are afraid of Tann and have heard exaggerated stories about his power to kill with his eyes. They expose Tann’s eyes to the two soldiers, who both have strong, emotional reactions. The philosophers conclude that the child has power to manipulate people’s feelings via eye contact.

Amida follows the Itinerant messenger all night, all the way to Erek-Monte’s camp. She tries to spy on them, but is captured and is taken by Erek-Monte as a prisoner.

Lipmon and Roderick arrive in Waldoon and travel to the grand Palace of Adrus where they meet with the High Priest, Saurek. Lipmon tells Saurek of the destruction of Still Creek and of Tann. Saurek reprimands him because they treated Tann like a prophet of God, whereas, according to Fourth Order theology, the High Priest is the only true prophet of god. But Saurek says he’ll investigate it, and get back to them. Lipmon is frustrated, since he perceives Saurek to be moving slowly wants prompt action.

When Anders returns to his Private House and reclines in his private bath, he is unexpectedly visited by Dylan-Nantes, who hands him the message from Mill. Upon reading the message, Anders is angry with Mill for not killing Lipmon.

At the Palace of Adrus, as Lipmon and Roderick depart, they are suddenly attacked by Mill, who tries to stab Lipmon. The palace guards capture Mill.

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