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Friday, November 23, 2012

Aresan Clan pt 71

In the courtyard, Roderick helped Lipmon to his feet and assisted him in walking towards the Congregation Hall. A circle of blood had already formed in the fabric of Lipmon’s shirt and he clung to his side, as the pain of moving with an open wound in his side was constant and piercing. Lipmon hadn’t quite fully recovered from his illness either, and now he felt the energy being sapped from him once more. Those thoughts by which he’d fortified his will during his long trek to Orinda flooded into his mind and he tried to focus on them, on his determination to avenge Tann and his determination to impress the deceased members of his hometown.

Due to or in spite of these thoughts, Lipmon limped along, moving towards the congregation hall, where Roderick expected to find a surgeon or a healer of some capacity. Across the great spans of the central courtyard, several persons ran towards Lipmon and Roderick to help them forward and offer assistance. Soon enough, Lipmon was being carried at a jog towards the front doors of the Congregation Hall and his body was being laid on a carpet inside.

A healer stepped forward and offered his prayers, raising hands in supplication towards God and touching his hands onto the bleeding wound. After him, Saurek’s personal surgeon approached with medical bag in hand. The surgeon grabbed Lipmon’s shirt and ripped open a hole to expose the wound. “We’ll need to close this up,” the surgeon said to Lipmon once he saw the bleeding cut, “I’m afraid this might be a little painful.”

The surgeon pulled out a needle and thread and doused them in alcohol. “A want you both to hold him down,” the surgeon said to two men who sat above Lipmon. They grabbed Lipmon’s arms and held them to the ground while the surgeon straddled his legs and held them in place by sitting on them. The surgeon placed a wooden cylinder in Lipmon’s mouth and asked him to bite down. Once all was ready, he pierced the patient’s skin with the needle. The sharp pain caused Lipmon to squirm and the men holding him down struggled against his strength while the surgeon instructed, “Keep him still.”

The needle pierced the other flap of skin and the thread was dragged through these wounds as Lipmon bit down hard upon the wood.

Saurek had been summoned and he now approached the crowd that gathered around Lipmon and watched the process of Lipmon’s skin being stitched together. The crowd deferentially parted out of Saurek’s way as he was allowed to see the red, contorted face of Lipmon as the needle again pierced his skin.

“An attempt on his life,” Roderick explain to Saurek, “By a citizen of Orinda-for named Aleck. Fortunately, it appears to have been unsuccessful.”

“Have we captured the man?” Saurek asked.

“I don’t know,” Roderick replied, “We saw guards in pursuit, so there’s hope.”

“I take it that we don’t know what motivated this attack,” Saurek asked and Roderick nodded. “Lots of unpleasant possibilities come to mind,” Saurek said, “But I’m starting to think this unfortunate citizen may have been correct in urging us forward without delay.”

Saurek turned to see his two secretaries in red at his back bearing their pens and papers and ready to take down his instructions. “Send immediate notification to all away troops that we will be focusing our energies summerward. They are to return immediately and await further instructions. Additionally, arrange an advance party to investigate Still Creek-for. I want to see from their eyes what happened to the place. Tell them to use all speed.”

The two secretaries rapidly took note of Saurek’s instructions. Meanwhile, Lipmon, sprawled across the ground, was breathing heavily as the surgeon tied the stitches off and dumped some alcohol on the wound before giving Lipmon some follow up instructions.

Just as Lipmon finally could relax and let the pain subside, he suddenly burst into tears. A fit of sobbing convulsed his body and he covered his face with his hands. The crowd around him stopped in silence and those nearest Lipmon reached out to comfort him. After a minute or two the crying subsided and Lipmon told them, while wiping away his tears, “I’m alright. I’m alright now.”

After the silence, Saurek looked in the direction of the citadel and told his secretaries, “I’ll also need to consult with God.”

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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