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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Aresan Clan pt 68

Roderick waited for Lipmon to respond, turning to him and providing him ample opportunity to speak.

“The soldiers attacked because of Tann,” Lipmon finally said, “A boy in our town. A very special boy.”

“He’s Possessed of powers?” Saurek asked, “I wasn’t quite clear on this detail in the note that I received from Roderick. Perhaps, Mr. Lipmon, you could clarify. Were you suggesting that this boy demonstrated some miraculous powers? And what exactly were those?”

“He healed the sick. He made our crops thrive. He brought favorable weather,” Lipmon listed off, as Saurek nodded in understanding. “Most importantly he spoke with God,” Lipmon added last of all in a tone of reverence, “He was our own personal prophet.”

Both of the men writing abruptly stopped and looked up at Lipmon when he said this. Saurek took a long time to compose himself before he responded, and Roderick sat uncomfortably in his chair.

“Elden was his name, right? Your Priest?” Saurek asked. Roderick nodded. Saurek explained, “Elden surely must have been remiss in the religious instruction he provided your community.”

“What do you mean?” Lipmon innocently asked.

“I do not blame you for your ignorance,” Saurek told him, “That was why Elden was supposed to be there: to enlighten you; to raise you out of that well of ignorance in which we'd originally found you when we entered your town many years ago and accepted you into the Order of the Fourth Road to Divinity. Though I wasn't there to witness the situation in your town personally, I have seen many others like yours: burdened under the stifling weight of the most perverse and contorted superstitions. It is as if the word of God has gotten to these villages, but it has become so confused in the process of transmission through so many intermediary ears that it only bears the vaguest resemblance to truth.”

“I still don't understand,” Lipmon replied, thinking he had perhaps missed something in Saurek's monologue.

“Forgive me for speaking at too great a length,” Saurek said, “All I wanted to explain to you is that there is only one true Prophet living at any one time. The office of Prophet has been passed down for generations since the days of Adrus. Currently I am the one who must bear the role of this Deathless Prophet, a role that, though I am not worthy of it, I have still sought to perform as well as any flawed human can. And when God shall deem me no longer able, then I shall pass it on to another person equally as undeserving but fully as devoted. It is for his reason that I know that this child, Tann, is not a prophet.”

“But he did speak to God,” Lipmon objected, “Elden confirmed it himself. He spoke to the boy. Elden was the only one that Tann spoke directly to, because he was our chosen priest. And Tann healed the wounded and made our crops thrive, brought us perfect weather.”

“Mr. Lipmon I have told you I will forgive you for your ignorance, but if you persist in it, you will make that forgiveness impossible,” Saurek reprimanded.

Lipmon immediately fell silent, lowering his eyes.

Saurek took a deep breath and stared at Lipmon’s lowered eyes while he thought. “Nonetheless,” he began, “even if this child is not a prophet, you would still like us to attack those who destroyed your village (something that no one can doubt is an abominable crime) and at least bring some measure of justice to those who have been killed?”

“No, not for them. Most of them deserved it. Just for Tann. He’s worth all of them combined,” Lipmon replied.

“We will investigate this case thoroughly and in due time. If we discover that your complaints are valid, we will certainly be willing bring the full force of our military upon the Omnia. For the moment, I need to speak with Arbiter Roderick alone.”

“We can't wait for an investigation,” Lipmon objected, “We haven't time for this. We need to act now. I've already been forced to wait too long.”

“Good day, Mr. Lipmon,” Saurek pleasantly replied, ignoring Lipmon's objection, “God be with you. And we will certainly speak again soon. If you could just please wait outside.”

Lipmon reluctantly raised himself from his seat in the room. He stared at the four men in the room, moving from face to face. “Thank you,” he said after a moment of silence and then stepped out of the room.

“I must confess that it appears that our servant Elden was up to some serious misbehavior in that town, if he should be telling the citizens that some mere child was the incarnation of the Deathless Prophet,” Saurek said, “It is difficult to imagine what designs he had and it only seems fitting that he should be thwarted in so impious a deed. That being said, though, if this man is honest, I have a hard time seeing how war with the Omnia can be avoided. That have done something which simply cannot be let to stand unpunished.”

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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