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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aresan Clan pt 74

After the dinner was completed, Annsi and Alles departed. As they said their goodbyes at the door, Darma and Annsi arranged for a future dinner date between the two of them alone, and Alles reiterated his dedication to speaking with the Closed Table.

After they left, Darma dismissed Onur early for the night, and he promptly left, leaving Darma and Salles alone in her house.

Salles suggested, after he watched Onur go, that he should retire to his room: “I need to relax myself in preparation for sleep. If you don’t mind.”

“I do mind,” Darma told him, “I’m not ready for bed, and you’re the only one to talk to. Please, let’s sit down. Tell me about your life in the Cloisters. I assure you that this will be the last night you’ll have to be alone with me. My husband is supposed to return tomorrow. Tomorrow’s the first day of Madrus, of course, and he’s always prompt to drop whatever he’s doing to return to me for it. So, tell me all about the cloisters. It is, as I imagine a life startlingly different from that which I have here.”

“What do you want me to tell?” Salles asked her as the two of them walked into the sitting room, which was now only dimly lit by the light of dusk.

Darma lit a lamp in the room and said to Salles, “You know what I was wondering, especially tonight after seeing your daughter: how exactly did that daughter of yours come to be? Sages aren’t allowed to get married, am I correct? Yet she has a mother, I presume. She didn’t simply spring out of the ground from sperm you spilled in the dirt, did she?”

“No,” Salles said, settling himself into a couch, “That type of thing only happens in the stories of the gods. Annsi has a mother, Daysha. Her and I produced Annsi together. Daysha was a resident at the cloisters. She was one of the servants we permit to work there in exchange for food and shelter.”

“So, it’s permitted for Sages to have sex then?” Darma asked, sitting herself right next to him on the couch, close enough so that their legs touched.

“It’s only forbidden for us to marry and raise children,” Salles said, shifting in his seat.

“So, are the male Sages one of the employment benefits for residents? If a girl resides there, does she get the privilege of visiting the bed any male sage she chooses?” Darma asked, “Or is it the horny young sages who get to use the servants as outlets for their pent up sexual urges?”

“No,” Salles said, uncomfortably, “Neither of those happen. It was consensual.”

“So who seduced who, then? You don’t seem like the seducer type. So, I’m guessing its Daysha who was the aggressor. Did she corner you in your room, and then press you against the wall and kiss you so hard that it took your breath away? That’s what I’d do if I were her.”

“It was a mutual attraction,” Salles replied, “Her and I simply got along very well and developed a close intimacy.”

“Well it’s good to know that you’re fertile. My husband, Dorin, I think he’s sterile. In fact I’m pretty sure about it. He failed to impregnate me the last two Madruses. And we tried. Boy, we tried. Every night he was inside me. Sometimes twice a day. Wonderful as that was, I cannot afford another barren Madrus. My womb will not stay fertile forever.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Salles responded, “I imagine it might be quite frustrating.”

“Tomorrow I’ll seduce Dorin when he returns. We’ll have sex. And then, three seasons later, if I have a child, he’ll assume that conception was on that first night of Madrus we shared together, the luckiest night of Madrus on which to conceive, as it so happens. But the child won’t be his because he’s sterile. And it will have been conceived on the night before.”

“You mean tonight?” Salles asked.

“Yes,” Darma said nodding her head slowly and looking intently into Salles’ eyes, “You and I.” Darma touched Salles’ arm with one hand and his leg with another and leaned in towards him, craning her neck to reach up towards his lips.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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