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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Aresan Clan Summary - Parts 51-60

Noone and Eloh search the rooms of Jule and Arrs. They find nothing suspicious in Arrs’ room, but Jule seems probably to be the perpetrator since he possesses a dark lamp that has been recently used. Noone is intrigued by his massive collection of books.

In the woods south of Orinda, Mill encounters Erek-Monte and his tribe. Not wanting to take the news all the way to Lamosa, he pays Dylan-Nantes and writes a message for him to take to Anders. Mill then heads back to Orinda to be with his lover, Anika while Dylan-Nantes heads to Lamosa.

Darma takes Salles to a dance hall in the evening in an upscale part of town. There is dancing and music and Salles struggles to follow the steps of the dance, but Darma has a great time.

Alles and his men finish another day of marching, arriving now within sight of the Outer Bulwark, a high outer wall around the edges of Sanlosslee park, the valley in which Lamosa is located. Sharing the tent with Alles one last night, Annsi is told by Alles that she needn’t sleep with him, and that he would always protect her as a fellow soldier no matter whether she slept with him or not. Spontaneously, Annsi decides that she wants to have sex with Alles without her soldier’s sponge, in the hope that he might impregnate her.

The next day, the soldiers arrive in Lamosa and Salles meets with them and invites Annsi and Alles to share dinner with him and Darma at Darma’s place. They both consent.

Mill, worn out from walking for more than a day straight without rest arrives back in Orinda and immediately visits Anika. She tells him that Lipmon is recovering his health and is leaving with Roderick for Waldoon that day. Mill realizes he has to stop Lipmon immediately.

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