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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aresan Clan Summary - Parts 41-50

Eloh secretly searches the rooms of his three suspects in the Cloisters. He is isn’t able to eliminate any three as suspects, though he does curiously find a sizable collection of books in many languages in Jule’s room, a collection that seems far to expensive for a humble weaver, as Jule claims to be.

Alles’ soldiers march hastily out of fear of Erek-Monte’s troops. Resting for the night, Annsi avoids Alles’ tent. She is attacked by Orick with two other soldiers, who attempt to rape her. They are stopped by Alles, who punishes the three soldiers. He then takes her to his tent and lets her sleep in his bed.

Noone returns late at night to the Cloisters. She is frustrated that Eloh hasn’t found anything out while she’s been away. She interrogates him about the person who hit him on the head in the watermill, and she eliminates Sanda as a suspect as being too short. They also decide how the fire is likely to have been started and resolve to search Arrs and Jule’s rooms again.

Lipmon is visited by Orinda’s leading citizen, Roderick, the Arbiter, who is in charge of taming and controlling the Creature of Virtue. Lipmon recounts the destruction of Still Creek and the kidnapping of Tann. Though Lipmon doesn’t know from where the soldiers came, Roderick suspects they are from the Aresan Clan or the Omnia. Realizing that the attack is an act of war, he decides to take Lipmon to the Fourth Order capital, Waldoon, to speak with the High Priest.

Salles wakes early for exercise and invites Darma to join him, though the Sages’ intricate exercises are supposed to be a secret only known to the Sages. Not having exercise clothes, Darma dresses skimpily and struggles to follow the complex movements of the exercise. Afterwards, Darma shows him about town, and seeing a statue of Neer and Naal, she tells the story of these mythical heroes. The fiancés of brothers Neer and Naal were violated by a powerful tyrant; they vowed revenge, but failed on multiple attempts to kill the tyrant; So Naal killed Neer so that Neer, as a ghost, could successfully kill the tyrant.

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