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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aresan Clan Summary - Parts 31-40

Erek-Monte and his tribe attack Alles’ soldiers. A soldier named Orick sees Annsi sleeping apart from Alles and thinks that he has rejected her and is no longer providing her protection. Alles and his soldiers try to repel the Itinerants, but they are too quick, escaping with Tann. Erek-Monte kills a soldier, named Lee, who tried to attack him, and after the Itinerants are gone, they bury Lee.

Once Alles realizes that Tann has been taken, he gathers a few soldiers, including Jesek, and they run off in search of Tann. First following a false trail, Alles and his men finally track down the Itinerants, all of them asleep, and they stealthily steal back Tann. But one of Alles’ soldiers, Sorn, decides to take revenge on the death of Lee, by killing one of the Itinerants. This sets of an alarm and the Itinerants pursue.

Lipmon has been saved by a farmer named Merek and is being nursed back to health by him and his wife Maya. Before Lipmon tells anyone, Mill, one of Anders’ spies, living in Orinda, sees Lipmon and hears his story. He considers killing Lipmon (since it will prevent Lipmon from telling anyone of the destruction of Still Creek), but recoils at the idea of murder, and rationalizes not doing so by telling himself that Lipmon will die of illness. Instead, Mill promptly departs Orinda, saying goodbye to his Lover, Anika, knowing that this information about Lipmon needs to be immediately sent to Lamosa. He takes measures to protect himself from the Creature of Virtue, depositing some meat to attract her and making himself smell like tree sap.

After a crude attempt to negotiate, Erek-Monte and his men attack Alles’ soldiers. Alles’ soldiers successfully protect Tann, killing one of the Itinerants, but Dylan-Nantes, an Itinerant, takes vengeance for the death of their comrade by killing Sorn. After this, the Itinerants flee, and though Alles’ men want to take revenge for Sorn’s death, Alles tells them they need to march on.

In Lamosa, Noone and Salles meet with Anders at the Open Table and ask for fortifications. They are rebuffed, but afterwards Noone tells Salles that he is to remain and is to try and meet with his daughter, Annsi, and use her to try to get Alles on their side. Noone then begins to walk back to the Cloisters with Amida, leaving Salles alone with Darma.

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