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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aresan Clan Summary - Parts 21-30

Salles and Noone arrive in Lamosa. They will be staying at the house of Darma, a housewife married to a wealthy husband who’s away on business. Darma already provides accommodations to Amida and when Noone and Salles arrive, she happily provides them with rooms. She confesses to Salles that she is interested in knowing some of the secrets of the Sages, and that Noone isn’t forthcoming.

Eloh, remaining behind at the cloisters, is charged with investigating who is responsible for the fire of the watermill. While the residents of the Cloisters rebuild it, he investigates three likely suspects, Arrs, Jule and Sanda, the three most recent persons to arrive. All three of them are non-Sages residing at the Cloisters, providing service in exchange for room and board. He tries to engage in conversation with them and subtly discover the information thereby, but discovers little.

That evening, Jesek, a refuge from Orinda, explains his story to Alles’ soldiers, how he came to be their guide to Still Creek. He explains that he got his girlfriend pregnant outside of Madrus, which is a period of time when it is okay to have sex and bear children. Doing so during other times is a great sin, and Orinda is guarded by a large trained feline, called the Creature of Virtue, which protects the forests around Orinda from invaders and to whom violators of Orinda’s laws are fed. Knowing that he and his girlfriend will be fed to the Creature of Virtue, Jesek flees with her to Lamosa. On the way, he sees the citizens of Still Creek worshipping Tann, and carries the story back to Lamosa. In his tent, Alles refuses to let Annsi sleep with him, fearing that she may be corrupted by Tann, and that it might rub off on him.

The next morening, Lipmon approaches Orinda. But as he comes within sight of the city, he is attacked by the Creature of Virtue, which pounces on him and scratches him. She doesn’t eat out his organs, as she normally does, since Lipmon reeks of sickness.

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