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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Aresan Clan pt 30

The creature immediately leapt to pin Lipmon to the ground again, so heavy and lithe and quick. Limpon pushed the creature’s paws away, which dug a large scratch in his skin, and then Lipmon rolled to the side to escape, but the creature again leapt upon him and again pinned him to the ground ready to sink her mouth into his flesh.

Strangely, though, the creature suddenly stopped for the first time as her nose came close and smelled Lipmon’s odor. Her nostrils flared as she snorted in his scent. She then turned away and left him on the ground. She leapt directly off of him, her rear paws digging into his chest as she launched. He had large scratches all over him and the last of his strength left him. The voices in his mind started to say to him, “Hold your eyes open or the birds will carry you up into the sky and let you fall.” Then the world grew dim and his eyes closed. He didn’t know it, but a farmer named Merek had been watching in the distance.

Annsi woke abruptly out of her cold bed. She was stirred by a noise that she immediately knew was coming from near the palanquin, and she rose aiming to go to the palanquin and make sure Samuel was safe. A soldier named Orick peaked his large head into the tent abruptly, calling out to wake up Alles. He was a little surprised to see Annsi in a bed in the middle of the room so far away from Alles, but he tried to pretend he didn’t notice. Annsi nonetheless recoiled a little bit in shame.

His wide jaw flapped, “Alles, there’re raiders in the camp.” Alles blinked a few times and then leapt from his bed, merely pausing to secure the wrap around his waist and pick up his sword. Annsi followed behind him immediately, securely wrapping around her a large sheet. Orick watched her with heavy eyes, trying to catch glimpses of her nudity as she stood up and covered herself, but she was too hurried to be stung by his importunate staring. As she rushed by him, he leered intensely at her.

The palanquin was beside their tent, but the chaos was spread throughout the entire camp, as men ran in every direction. Erek-Monte’s men were clearly distinguishable, shirtless, armed with hip, forearm and leg sheaths, each with a separate blade, and all wearing a leather patch over one eye.

Annsi saw men from Erek-Monte’s band nearby, toying with some of the soldiers. She saw Lee lunge at two of Erek-Monte’s men with sword drawn and the men — their metal daggers still in their hip and leg sheaths and their stone blades securely fastened in their forearm sheaths — dodged his thrust. Annsi could start to hear voices from other parts of the camp speaking in their strange tongue. She assumed it was some sort of attack, but Erek-Monte’s men, being chased by soldiers in all directions, weren’t using their weapons, and simply seemed to be taunting the soldiers and the packmen.

Alles noticed this too and whispered to his men to simply keep an eye on them, and not chase after them, “They’re raiders, and they try to steal. You don’t need to try and attack, or kill any of them for now.” The raiders darted this way and that, between men trying to catch them and the swipes of swords and clubs and spears that outnumbered them, but still avoiding being caught.

Ignoring Alles’ advice, Lee followed Erek-Monte looking for an opportunity to attack. He saw Erek-Monte, who clearly was interested in neither spoils nor attacking and fleeted through the camp quickly inspecting the place. Lee ran after him with sword in hand.

Erek-Monte’s clothes gave him away as a man of distinction, and he bore himself like a proud and powerful man. Lee thrust at Erek-Monte from behind, thinking he had been unseen, but Erek-Monte was far too quick for the young soldier. Erek-Monte dodged the approaching blade, grabbing Lee’s right hand, which held the sword, and pulling Lee towards him. Erek-Monte swiftly unsheathed his hip dagger and led Lee’s stomach towards its point. He then pulled Lee’s sword from his hand, stabbed him again with it, and in another moment ran away with the sword still in hand.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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