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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aresan Clan pt 40

Anders asked Noone, “And who is this young gentleman you bring with you?”

“Thank you Premier Anders. This is Salles, an acolyte of our cloisters. A student of Elder Eloh, who I believe you have met before. Salles will be representing the Aresans for a short time. I have just come to bring him here, introduce him to you and return with Amida today.”

“What a shame,” Anders replied, “If you had remained I would’ve been delighted to invite you to a feast at the Private House”

“I would’ve been honored. I must apologize,” said Noone, “But let us begin to discuss the matter at hand.”

“By all means,” Anders nodded, “The Premier recognizes Eldest Noone of the Sages, speaking on behalf of the Chief Royal of the Aresan Clan.”

“Thank you Premier. The vulnerabilities of the winterward border of the Aresan territory have become recently untenable, and we would request of the Premier and the Omnia aid in building fortifications there. We have faced harassments both from the Itinerant tribes, and most recently from the Fourth Order. We were the victims, less than two days ago, of a callous act of sabotage by agents of the Fourth Order, who set fire to our watermill. We would only temporarily require your help with manpower and materials to help construct this wall within a reasonable amount of time.”

Anders nodded thoughtfully, and then suggested, “If I could make a better suggestion. Perhaps I can station some troops within the cloisters. I think this would be better for protecting against any potential acts of sabotage, as well as thefts and vandalism from any of the itinerant tribes and the Fourth Order. With the permission of the Aresan Clan, of course.”

“I don’t think we really have the facilities and resources to house troops within the cloisters. If we could build the wall, I’m sure we could temporarily house any visiting workers, but we couldn’t possibly permanently take on any extra persons.”

“I’m afraid providing the resources to build a wall may not be possible for some time. You’re going to have to ask the your own Chief Royal for grants like that. We really can’t spare it at the moment. Our own cities here in the valley are, as you may have noticed, expanding rapidly and themselves demand large amounts of manpower and materials.”

“Perhaps other members of the Closed Table might be more amenable to our suggestions,” Noone suggested.

“The Table and I think that it is a great suggestion and are wiling to help,” Anders answered, looking to the other members of the Closed Table that sat in their chairs on either side of him, adding promptly, “But it’s a matter of timing. And at present it’s not possible.”

As Noone, Amida and Salles walked back towards Darma’s house, Noone remained unperturbed by the conversation with Anders. “One thing that should have been very clear from that meeting acolyte,” Noone said, “and that Amida and I have long been aware of, is that Anders is trying to do whatever he can to gain control over the Sages. That’s the reason he wants to troops stationed at our cloisters. He’s thinking that if he gets troops under his command in our cloisters, he can apply pressure to us and influence decisions. And he’s probably right.”

“Why the Sages?” Salles asked.

“He wants control over the Aresan Clan. We’re the inroad. And so long as we have a weak and decadent king on the throne, we’re vulnerable, since our king won’t be able to stand up for us. He’s probably thinking that we can talk the king into joining the Omnia, if he just applies the right pressure. Your main goal while you’re here: keep Anders out of Aresan business.”

After arriving at Darma’s house, Noone and Amida began to pack for their long walk back to the cloisters. While Noone packed, she continued to provide instructions for Salles.

“You have two direct assignments acolyte,” Noone said, not looking at Salles while she talked, “First, we are interested in transcribing and comparing whatever sable myths you can. Alles was expecting to find a sable in the town he’s investigating. Darma knows a rhapsode who can tell you one. I want you to transcribe it and bring it to the cloisters when you return. Transcribe whatever you can find of any others as well.”

“And second?” Salles asked.

“Your daughter Annsi is with Alles on his mission. How well do you remember her?”

“I do remember when she decided to become a soldier. We met once over wedding arrangements. That’s about it.”

“Your second and more important assignment is to meet with her,” Noone said, “Use her to get close to Alles. And if possible, see if Alles has more sway over Anders. Alles has power; there are a great many loyal soldiers, among the Aresans and the Omnia, that will follow him and will die for him. He’s one of the few people that can compete for power with Anders. He’s our best chance. But he’ll be a hard man to convince. I wish I could say any of us has any influence over him. But your daughter might.”

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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