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Friday, September 28, 2012

Aresan Clan pt 39

Noone was up early preparing breakfast for herself, Amida and Salles. She was letting three servings of porridge cool, when she lightly tapped on Salles’ door, which startled him from his sleep. Salles rose from his bed to see why someone would be interrupting his sleep in what he presumed was the middle of the night, and faced Noone telling him to get downstairs in the courtyard for exercise. There was no sense of night and day in a room without windows, but as soon as he opened the door he realized it was dawn. The sun wasn’t fully risen, and there could be seen the first glimmers of sunrise when he arose from bed and entered the main upstairs living room. Noone rose early to both cook and exercise away from Darma’s curious gaze.

The three of them exercised briefly, and Noone made Salles promise that he would exercise on his own this afternoon in the privacy of his room, not permitting Darma or anyone else to watch, and would follow this pattern for as long as he remained here. This prompted Salles to ask, “How long am I going to be here?” To which Noone smiled and said, “Not too long. Alles will be back very soon, you know. And when you’ve worked things out, then you can come back to the comfort of the Cloisters. Amida will be your courier, so be sure and keep us informed. Being here in the city will be difficulty for one used to the stability and comfort of the Cloisters. I know from experience. But we won’t leave you here for long.”

The three of them ate lukewarm porridge, and Noone poured some brewed beer and served from a cheese that she had brought from the cloisters. They finished breakfast before Darma awoke. She was glowing even this early, with a flowing morning gown and a smile on her face. “Should I prepare breakfast for you, or have you already eaten,” she asked. After they said they’d eaten, Darma called on her servant, Onur to prepare her breakfast. In the interim, they chatted about Lamosa and about their upcoming meeting with Anders. Darma insisted that Salles let her show him around town, but Noone said that she would prefer if he didn’t.

They all three left for the Public House late in the morning. Noone spoke to Salles the whole way, coaching him on things to say, telling him relevant information about Alles and his mission and about Anders and the Hooktends and the Public House and proper protocol and everything she could think of.

When they entered the great room of the Public House, Salles was amazed at what he saw: a room so expansive and with such finery and beauty. At the far end of the room was the raised platform where the fourteen chairs stood empty. Stairs led up the platform, and at the foot of the stairs was the open table.

Many private citizens loitered around the room, eager for a chance to be heard, but the three Sages were given priority since they were already on the docket. They walked up to and stood waiting on the side of the table opposite the throne.

Shortly after they arrived, a man of long grey hair walked up to and sat in the chair of the Brotian Guild, decked out in costly furs and bearing a staff, capped by a salvaged piece of metal that appeared to be the corner of a large metal box. He nodded at Noone, who nodded back. Noone then whispered to Salles, “That’s Bale, of the Brotian Guild. He has a very distinguished family lineage, which he can trace all the way back to the seven kings. He is friendly to the Aresans. He’ll help you if you need.”

Eleven of the other chairs were soon after filled. Tine arrived next to last, sitting in the chair of the Sevedin Sept, and Anders followed immediately behind him, arriving just at the scheduled time and seating himself in the central chair, which was capped by the seal of the Hooktends.

Anders addressed Noone and Amida: “Welcome Eldest Noone and Elder Amida, “It is nice to see you in town again Noone.”

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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