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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aresan Clan Summary - Parts 11-20

Salles investigates the light and discovers that the Cloisters’ watermill is on fire. He finds Eloh, another Sage, lying on the floor inside the watermill and pulls him out, waking up everyone in order to fight the fire. After they tame the fire, Noone, the Eldest of the Sages, interrogates Eloh, who is suffering from smoke inhalation, and he recalls that, before the fire was started, he saw a shadow inside, went to investigate and was knocked out. On a wall, Salles finds a mark in the shape of bird, a sign of the Fourth Order, which indicates that the fire was an act of sabotage by a representative of the Fourth Order.

Lipmon continues his trek, buoyed up by the thought that, though he was disdained by the citizens of his town of Still Creek, he is the lone survivor and their salvation, and he will save Tann from his captors. He is also growing feverish.

Salles leaves the Cloisters, accompanied by Noone, travelling by foot to Lamosa, the capital of the Omnia, in order to ask the Omnia for assistance in building fortifications for their Cloisters.

Amida, a Sage and representative of the Aresan Clan, meets briefly with Anders, the Premier of the Omnia, in Lamosa. The meeting is in the Public House, at the Open Table, a public place where citizens are supposed to present their grievances to the leaders. In private, Anders tells a confidant that he eagerly wants the Aresan Clan to join the Omnia. He also meets with Strya, a courier to the many spies Anders employs outside Lamosa.

Alles and his soldiers are randomly attacked by a pack of wolves. Annsi leaps inside the palanquin with Tann for her own protection. The wolves are driven away, but Alles, seeing Annsi emerging from the palanquin, is wary of her. He fears that she might be under Tann’s influence due to contact with him in the small palanquin.

Erek-Monte, a leader of a small Itinerant Tribe (one of many small roaming tribes that occupy the sparsely populated, mountainous region between the territory of the Omnia and the Aresan clan and the territory of the Fourth Order), sees the soldiers carrying a palanquin, and is curious about who is this little boy and why they’re carrying him in such a way.

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