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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aresan Clan Summary - Parts 1-10

Alles, a military leader from the Aresan Clan, infiltrates a small village called Sill Creek pretending to be a blind traveller. Still Creek is a member of the theocratic empire of the Fourth Order, which is hostile to the Aresan Clan and their allies, the Omnia, an alliance of thirteen smaller clans. The citizens of Still Creek are preparing a feast for a boy named Tann, who they hold in great reverence. Alles kidnaps Tann, who he refers to as a “sable” and is believed to have power to manipulate people with his eyes. After taking the child, Alles and his soldiers, including Annsi, attack the village, killing everyone they find and burning the village to the ground, commemorating their victory with an animal sacrifice.

One citizen of Still Creek survives, named Lipmon, and, though he was injured by Alles, he starts a long walk towards the nearest Fourth Order city, Orinda. He intends to tell of the destruction of his town and the kidnapping of Tann, who he, along with all the other citizens of Still Creek, loved and adored.

As the soldiers carry Tann (who Alles has named Samuel) in a closed palanquin, Annsi takes care of him and talks to him. The soldiers, though, think Tann is a bad omen and has dark powers. At night, Annsi sleeps with Alles, using a “soldier’s sponge” as a contraceptive, since Alles can protect her against the lecheries of the other male soldiers

Salles, a Sage, living at their isolated residence, the Cloisters, is up late transcribing an illustrated manuscript. In the midst of his work, he notices an orange and yellow glow outside.

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