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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aresan Clan pt 14

Salles usually woke up on a regular schedule around the time when the sun would rise in spring, but he was awoken that morning a bit earlier than his body was accustomed to by the abrupt entrance of his teacher, Eloh. Eloh leaned inside the room and said, “Up, up and rise,” in a voice that was inappropriately chipper for such an early morning. He smiled at Salles with his infectious smile and cheerfully winked. It always amazed Salles how this man of over one hundred years could so youthful and vibrant, and especially at hours so early. “Bed-rise, exercise, dines before sunrise,” Eloh said, repeating a Sage proverb.

As Salles blinked awake Eloh told him, “I hope you slept well acolyte, because you are going to be dining with Noone and I this morning. You can take your morning exercise here in your room, but be quick. Then meet the Eldest and I in the dining room.”

Eloh leaned a little further inward to check and see if Salles truly was awake, “Did you hear all of that?” There was a groan that came from the mattress to indicate the affirmative. Eloh asked, “And what is it that I said?”

Salles sleepily replied, “Take my exercises here, then come eat breakfast in the dining room.”

“Very good,” Eloh said, “But I want to see you out of bed before I leave.” Salles stood up, drooping, but on his feet, and Eloh was satisfied, closing the door. Salles immediately fell back onto his bed once Eloh left and stared at the ceiling for near half of the brief time he was supposed to have spent exercising. He eventually pulled himself out of bed and began a shortened exercise program on his floor.

He was about to leave, when he noticed his chamber pot in the corner. Instead of taking it down to the piss barrel at the other end of the cloisters, as he was supposed to, he simply opened his shutters, which looked outwards to the exterior of the courtyard, and quickly poured it into the soil below his window where a few weeds grew awkwardly; it was early and no one was there to see him. He then left the chamber pot on the floor and walked promptly out the door.

When he arrived in the dining hall, since it still was somewhat early for the rest of the cloistered sages to be rising for their morning meal, it was only Eloh and Noone waiting for him, and they waited silently. Apparently Noone had not wanted to begin the conversation until Salles was present. The motives behind this and its precise meaning Salles could not immediately understand. He was even more struck by the initiation of the conversation as soon as he sat at the table, since he was barely familiar with the Eldest, let alone comfortable with talking with her on a personal level.

The cold part of the meal was already waiting at the table, and the three were all served by Eloh as soon as Salles sat. Salles of course apologized and he deferred as much as possible to the Eldest. It was upon this impetus that the conversation between them began.

Noone spoke, “Reconstruction of the watermill will of course commence this morning, and I trust, Eloh, that you can be sure to oversee that effectively. I want as much of our resources dedicated to the mill’s reconstruction. Instruction of acolytes will be suspended until it’s completion, the food and crop details will be reduced and exercise will be shortened. All the sages and residents will be wanted to help out, as much as possible. And don’t think that your overseeing of the project is an excuse to exclude you from the work. If you don’t have enough wood, see what buildings can spare the wood temporarily, so we can get the windmill running immediately. Normally, I would have this young acolyte Salles, here to help and wouldn’t take him away for a simple meeting with the Premier, but today is unusual and our meeting with the Premier is important.”

Eloh responded, “I understand. It will be done,” and then returned to his meal.

“As for you Salles,” Noone continued, “You will joining me on our trip to Lamosa.”

“Why me?” Salles asked, confused, “I don’t know anything about Lamosa or the Premier or Omnia politics. I’m just an acolyte.”

“You will learn,” Noone said simply, “We are hoping some of your relations will prove useful.”

It was on those words that the breakfast was ended and they left the table. Salles was ordered to pack up a few things for his trip. He hardly knew what to pack, but Eloh told him what to take.

“The big city is bigger than you’ll believe. They have everything there. Anything you want you can get, if you can pay for it. Fortunately you have no money,” Eloh said to him, “Remember, in the city, you’re going to be surrounded by thousands of strangers for whom you’re just a shadow in the dirt. Do not trust them. Stick close to and rely on those you know.”

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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