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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Aresan Clan pt 56

When Alles and his men saw the outer bulwark at the head of a ridge in the distance, a spontaneous shout of joy burst from everyone’s mouth at once. The wall seemed to extend interminably in both directions across the ridges that marked the outer boundary of Sanloslee Park. Unfortunately, the wall was still some three hours away and the city a further two hours from there. They could only just see the wall in the moonlight. They had already marched past the hour of sunset, and though his men were eager to continue until they arrived in Lamosa, Alles ordered a halt. Though rumbling with dissatisfaction at being forced to stop, his men were exhausted and it showed on their faces. Once they unloaded their packs and sat down, they suddenly found they lacked the energy to alight and start hiking again. Food was prepared and they ate, lethargically, quickly retiring to their tents as soon as they were fed and falling asleep just as quickly.

This meant it was the last evening that Annsi would have to sleep with Alles and she looked forward to the next evening when she would be able to sleep on her own bed in her apartment in Lamosa. No more of the hard ground and cold mornings. No more of the soldier’s sponge and Alles’ heavy body on top of her. No more sharing a small bed and changing in front of Alles’ staring, emotionless eyes.

Nonetheless, as she prepared the soldier’s sponge, soaking the tightly webbed bundle of moss in its sour solution and preparing to put it inside of her, she paused. Madrus would begin in only a few days. It was nearly upon her. The season of Madrus would be a time of procreation.

Alles from his position seated on his bed interrupted her thoughts to address what he perceived as reluctance: “You don’t have to have sex with me. I know that many commanders take advantage of their female soldiers. It’s almost expected that women soldiers are only there to service their commanders. But when I bring a woman along — which I don’t normally do —I have a good reason for it, and if she does her part, she is treated just as the same as the others. You have taken care of Samuel very well and it is appreciated. I only had you sleep in my tent in order to signal to the other soldiers that you are off limits. Many of the young soldiers are all too easily mastered by their desires, so I wanted to protect you. My protection of you was never contingent on any reciprocity. You could’ve refused me without retribution. I didn’t think I was taking advantage of you. I thought that I had your consent, even perhaps that you desired to be with me. If that isn’t so, you may sleep in peace knowing that you have my full protection even without offering yourself as some sort of payment.”

After hearing these words, Annsi secretly put the soldier’s sponge back into its canvas bag and stowed it away. She then dropped her clothes to the ground and walked over to Alles as he lay back and closed his eyes. When she got closer he looked up her voluptuous body into her eyes. Even after what he said she still knelt down silently and started to straddle her legs across him.

Alles was still reluctant and told her: “Please, we have returned to the Omnia and Madrus has not begun. I know I haven’t abided by it as I should, but as we are within the boundaries of Omnia, it is no longer excusable.”

Alles’ penis, though, did not obey the command of his mouth, and Annsi mounted him nonetheless. She moved her hips vigorously, to bring him to orgasm as fast as she could. For some moments he was silent and seemed to have succumbed. But as he came close to orgasm, he suddenly grabbed her hips to stop her, telling her: “Please, let’s stop this. It’s not too late. This does not count against Madrus yet. Let me remain pure.”

Annsi defied his grip and moved quickly to finish up quickly before he began to resist again, thrusting her hips rapidly and vigorously. He again temporarily ceded to the pleasure, and after some moments, his sperm spilled inside of her.

Fatigued and breathing heavily, she rolled off of him and lay on her back.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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