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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Aresan Clan pt 50

“Neer and Naal were two brothers who lived during the tyranny of Lo-Barow,” Darma began, “According to the story, they were engaged to be married to the two most beautiful women in all Lamosa. But just before their dual wedding, Lo-Barow caught sight of the two fair virgins engaged to be married to Neer and Naal. He was so overwhelmed by his lust, that he had to have these two women. He tried to bring them into his harem, but the women were faithful to their fiancés, and told Lo-Barow that they were already pledged in marriage. Unable to contain his passion, he had his guards detain the two women, so that he could he rape them. Some say that after he had defiled them, he let all the men of his guard also rape them until the women were so crushed by the violent treatment of the guards that they died. Others say that the women, out of shame, committed suicide by running to the top of the highest tower of Lo-Barrow’s castle and, hand in hand, throwing themselves from the top.

“After the deaths of their fiancés, Neer and Naal swore they would revenge themselves upon Lo-Baow. They made three attempts to assassinate him. First, they tried to intersect him in a public square by walking up to him and running him through with a dagger, but they were stopped by Lo-Barow’s bodyguards and had to flee for their life. Second, they tried to capture him in court, launching a spear at him while he sat on his throne surrounded by his courtiers, but their shot missed and they again had to flee. Third, they tried to scale the walls of his castle and attack him in the luxury of his harem by poison, but Lo-Barow’s poisoned meal was eaten by one of his concubines, killing her instead.

“Ultimately, Neer and Naal realized that the only way they could reach Lo-Barrow, was by supernatural means. So they decided that one would have to die and carry their revenge beyond death. To choose who would die they stood together as you see them in the statue and then they launched a sword high into the air, high enough that when it landed blade first, it would penetrate the chest of one of them. They let Anan choose who was more worthy to die and who more worthy to live. After being launched high in the air and careening to the ground, the sword touched the ground penetrating through the heart of Neer, who died instantly from his wound.

“His brother, as they had agreed, left Neer’s body unburied, merely sheltering it so that no animals might defile it. Because his body hadn’t been given the proper burial rights, Neer’s ghost was prevented from ascending the ladder into the upper story of heaven, leaving him to wander the earth as a shade. But, as a shade, Neer was able to penetrate all the defenses of Lo-Barow. He was able to walk through all doors, to walk past all Lo-Barow’s guards and enter his room while he slept. And in that room he transformed his ghostly image into the visage of death and so frightened Lo-Barow that his heart ceased to beat. Once Lo-Barow was dead, Naal was finally able to bury his own brother, laying the body in the earth with all the proper rites and services. The ghost of Neer was finally able to ascend up into the afterlife. Purportedly it’s on this very spot where the ladder into the upper story above the table of heaven ascends.

“Also, as a result, Lamosa was freed from one of the worst tyrants in our history, which is why Neer and Naal are heroes to us here, the great tyrannicides of Lo-Barow.”

“Most interesting,” Salles said after Darma had completed the story.

“There’re many more things to see in this city,” Darma said, “And many more stories, to be sure. We should keep moving so we can see more of them. Though, we don’t want to walk too much today, since we’ll want to save our legs for tonight, when I take you out to some real dancing. It’ll be my chance to teach you some steps.”

Darma then grabbed Salles arm and led him out of the square further into the city.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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