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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Aresan Clan Summary - Parts 71-80

Lipmon is only injured and is sutured by Saurek’s personal surgeon. After seeing Mill get nearly killed, Saurek decides to hasten the investigation, sending an advance party to Still Creek immediately. He climbs to the top of the tall Citadel tower where he is able to talk with God. Saurek hears God telling him that the boy is special and interprets it as a message to send armies to attack the Omnia and the Aresan Clan.

Alles and Annsi join Darma and Salles for dinner at Darma’s. Darma gets along well with Annsi, and Alles is easily persuaded to help the Sages with the issue of fortifications. He promises to speak with the Closed Table, the leaders of the thirteen tribes who confer in private and make decisions for the Omnia. After Alles and Annsi leave, Darma seduces Salles, telling him that her husband, Dorin, is infertile. Dorin will be returning the next day, which will be the first day of Madrus. She will seduce her husband and if they have a child, he’ll assume it’s his. After sex, they lay on the ground and Salles tells her about the origin of the order of Sages.

Meanwhile, Dylan-Nantes wanders the streets looking for a house to invade. He is tempted to enter Darma’s house, but, seeing the light on, he decides against it. Instead, he breaks into the house of Darma’s neighbor, enters the room of a young girl and then slits her neck after waking her.

The Fourth Order advance party, led by Robair, hastily rides to Still Creek to investigate Lipmon’s story. They find, as he said, the place destroyed and in ashes. Robair discovers the remains of an animal that were sacrificed in the Omnian/Aresan style, indicating that it was they who attacked.

Mill is imprisoned in a dank dungeon. He is then brought before an interrogator, Janake, who asks him what he knows about the attack on Still Creek. Mill tells Janake what little he knows, but Janake thinks he’s holding something back. He burns him with a hot poker. To stop the torture, Mill tells Janake the Omnia attacked Still Creek as part of a plan of widespread conquest of the region. Janake returns him to his jail. A woman named Kayla who claims to be a spy from Omnia like him joins him in his jail cell. She says she has been tortured and wants to die to avoid more torture.

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