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Monday, December 31, 2012

Aresan Clan pt 93

“Now let’s just get you out of that toga,” Darma said, taking Annsi by the hand and leading her into her bedroom. When Darma opened up a tall oak wardrobe, it was stacked high with beautiful garments, with several glowing dresses hanging beside it.

Darma first removed the pins that held Annsi’s toga in place, and then unwrapped the cloth from around her. Annsi was clothed only in a loincloth around her waist, and she shyly covered herself up with her hands.

Darma pushed her arms to her side saying, “You don't need to be bashful. It’s just us women. Besides these are some remarkable ornaments. It’ll be hard to fit you in any dresses of mine with a mountains this high.”

Darma cupped one of Annsi’s breasts in her hand and said, “We’re going to have to find a dress to hold these up these heavy lumps of flesh. You’ll want to accentuate them. They’re your weapons. And so many men will be your enslaved prisoners by their destructive power. But surely that’s what every woman wants, isn’t it? A captive husband to take care of her?”

Darma pulled several dresses out of the closet and laid them out. She ordered Annsi to try each one of them on in succession. As Annsi tried on dresses, Darma lectured. “We’ll have to put some effort into making you as feminine as you can. The army’s made you fit and trim, but hasn’t exactly accentuated your feminine curves, though you have a beautiful shape. Of course, we won’t be able to tell anyone you’ve been in the army. We’ll have to make something up. Maybe we could say you’ve been staying at the Aresan Court or you’ve been travelling for a long time. Unfortunately, those men want us women brand new like a loaf fresh out of the oven—fresh and virginal and untouched by any other man—and it’s hard for them to believe a woman who’s served in the army could possible be one of those. I can confess to you that I was not married off as a virgin, though I did an excellent job of convincing Dorin that I was. If you don’t mind me asking, is it the same with you?”

Annsi nodded her head as she pulled the third dress onto her and showed it off. “Some handsome young soldier?” Darma asked with a smile, adding with an even bigger smile, “Or perhaps several young handsome soldiers?”

“Just General Alles,” Annsi shyly admitted, “Only him.”

“Oh wow!” Darma replied with admiration, “You don’t have low standards at all. You go straight for the best. We might have trouble finding a man that’ll suit your high standards.” She laughed and then told Annsi, “Just kidding. The men will be yours for the choosing.”

“I should confess though that, in the course of my relations with Alles, I may have become impregnated,” Annsi said, looking down at her belly.

Darma tenderly touched Annsi’s belly and said, “That is exciting. That’s some great child growing in your belly, with an enviable pedigree: the child of Alles and the great-grandchild of whatever Aresan King who was Alles’ father. I hope this was recently.” Darma commented on the last of the dresses that Annsi was wearing, a shiny silver dress that fit closer than the others, “Now that one looks nice.”

“Yes, most recently,” Annsi replied.

“Then you’ll have perhaps until the end of Madrus before you start showing, and three seasons from now until it pops out. If we can get you married soon enough, then you can talk your future husband into thinking it’s his. We might be getting ahead of ourselves, but, of course, when the time comes to fulfill your wifely duty, you’ll have to pretend you don’t know what you’re doing. So long as you can remember how clumsy you were your first time, you’ll be golden.” Darma laughed a little at her own comment.

“But I won’t bleed,” Annsi admitted with some apparent shame.

“We’ll worry about that later. Now we need to take care of your hair. As I said, we want to make you as feminine as possible. And we’ll have to hurry, lest we’re late for dinner.”

Annsi and Darma arrived at the perfect time to Arianna’s dinner, only just barely late enough to be the center of attention of all the guests who’d arrived on time as they entered, but not so late to be irksome. Darma was the star of the evening, as usual, but as the piece of jewelry hanging on her arm, Annsi dazzled by her association with her. With Darma there to aid her in conversation, she said interesting things, made humorous jokes and made herself memorable enough that, by the end of the evening, she already had more than one interested suitor.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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