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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Aresan Clan Summary - Parts 81-90

Kayla asks Mill what he knows, claiming that she has been specifically asked about the Omnia’s plans of conquest. Mill doesn’t deny that what he said before about the conquest. Afterwards, she is released from prison, revealing that she was a confederate of Mill’s captors.

Erek-Monte drags Amida to a basement-level room from some ancient building and locks her within in order to secure her so they don’t have to drag her around with them. In the Cloisters, because Amida hasn’t been heard from, the Sages decide to put Jule in an improvised holding cell in the Cloisters’ storage cellar.

Alles, as promised, speaks with the Closed Table in private and lays out why securing the northern border is strategically and militaristically sensible. Though Anders and his faction oppose him, a majority is in favor, and the Omnia agrees to assist in fortifications for the Aresan Clan. Anders is infuriated, and starts contemplating how he could quietly get rid of Alles, especially since he is the major barrier to forcing the Aresans to join the Omnia.

Dylan-Nantes visits a farmhouse where he had slain the entire family simply in order that he might steal the father’s clothes and thus blend in when he had entered Lamosa. He changes back into his Itinerant clothes and leaves.

It is the first day of Madrus, which is a feast day. At the cloisters Noone and Eloh join the Sages and the residents of the cloisters for a large feast, at which Arrs and Sanda are seen flirting. Salles shares the feast with Darma, whose husband, Dorin, has recently returned to spend the first evening of Madrus with her. Unfortunately, Dorin eats profusely, making him tired and making it difficult for Darma to persuade him to sleep with her that night. Meanwhile, Annsi spends Madrus with her mother, who encourages her daughter to marry.

In Waldoon, Robair returns, reporting to Saurek that Still Creek is destroyed and it is the fault of the Omnians or the Aresans. Saurek communes with God, and then gives a speech to the gathered armies to the effect that the Fourth Order has come under attack and they will conquer their heathen opponents.

Mill is taken from his cell and is sentenced to forty lashes and excommunication. It is administered publicly in front of a large and hostile crowd. After being whipped, fatigued and in pain, he is thrown in his cell again, with no indication that he will soon be released.

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