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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Aresan Clan Summary - Parts 91-100

The Arbiter, Roderick, visits Lipmon, who is recovering from his injuries in luxury at the High Priest’s palace. Lipmon tells Roderick that he wants to recover promptly so that he can march with the army in a few days. Roderick then returns to Orinda, and, from his home, he summons the Creature of Virtue. He presents a piece of clothing from Mill to the Creature and tells her to kill Mill if he should ever near the city.

Chrissina, an Itinerant female, is in charge of taking care of Amida, who is still interred in the basement room, and the two women get along well.

Darma helps Annsi get ready for a dinner party at a wealthy friend’s place. Darma dresses her up in one of her own nicer dresses, and tells her of the importance of appearances and that none of the eligible bachelors she hopes to meet there can know she’s a soldier.

Strya unexpectedly visits Anders’ home in the early morning. Strya tells him that the Fourth Order is about to march with a large army in the direction of the Aresan Clan and the Omnia. Anders hastily organizes the Closed Table and they agree to organize troops for a defense immediately. A messenger is sent to Summer Park to speak with the Grand Royal of the Aresan Clan.  He also agrees to contribute troops and orders Alles to be put in charge of the Aresan troops.

Erek-Monte and his men meet with Noone and the Sages, and they exchange prisoners, returning Jule to the Aresans and Amida to the Sages. Noone is able to keep Jule’s collection of books.

Tine travels to visit the legendary General Burlingam, who lives a hermit’s existence on the far side of the Great Dunes in a cave. They try to persuade the General to lead their troops against the Fourth Order, and succeed by telling him that this will be a truly great war, one worthy of his greatness.

Out of Waldoon the Fourth Order armies begin marching. Lipmon, decked out in a soldier’s armor that he received as a gift joins them, despite the royal surgeon telling him that he is not fully healed and that he risks reopening his wounds.

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