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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Aresan Clan pt 96

“Our armies?” Chief Royal Sirr interrupted the messenger, spitting as he talked, “What do you they need them for?”

“For defense against the Fourth Order,” the messenger repeated, continuing where he had been interrupted, “Who it is believed will begin marching summerward with a sizable army in less than two days time. The object of their attack is unclear, but since they most certainly intend to attack either one or both of our nations, then it is imperative, per the terms of our treaties, we unite in defense as near to immediately as possible. We request as many soldiers as you can muster in five days from today, armed, equipped and ready to march winterward.”

The Royal gave an exasperated sigh at this and said, “Certainly. Our armies are yours. Tell someone who cares about these things that I give over our armies for this defense.” Sirr looked around the room for someone who might respond. He added, “I think you can put Alles in charge of the Aresan Clan’s armies. Have someone send him a message or something. And also have someone who knows were all of our squadrons are stationed have as many as possible brought here. And it wouldn’t hurt to bring in some more recruits. We can put aside some of the treasury for some recruiting. As many as you can get. And they’ll need arms or whatever. See what we can do about that. Yes, that sounds good. That’s about the limits of what I can suggest. Put someone in charge of this who knows what they’re doing.”

The Royal spewed his words in all directions. The servants, guards and courtiers that crowded the throne room, though, took note of what he said, and many of them peeled off to perform what they perceived as their assigned tasks.

Then Sirr looked directly at the messenger and he said, “You messenger! If Alles is in Lamosa, you get the message to him. Tell him he’s got an army to lead and he should get here now. He’s probably in Lamosa. He’s not around here, I don’t think. I haven’t seen him around. Does anyone know where Alles is?”

“I believe he is still in Lamosa, your majesty,” the messenger replied.

“Excellent,” the Royal replied, “Then tell him all that. And tell the Omnia that we’re the last clan to try and worm out of a treaty. Our armies will be ready to stand beside theirs and fight off those Fourth Order hordes and send them all to Death with swords through their gullets.” Sirr pointed his finger directly into the air to enunciate this point. After doing so, he returned his hand to the woman sitting next to the throne and she continued to massage it.

“Now if this is all that needs to be done, then you’re dismissed, messenger. I might as well dismiss myself too,” Chief Royal Sirr said.

“Thank you, your majesty,” the messenger bowed and then retreated.

Sirr began to pull himself out of his seat. His already round, red cheeks, grew even redder at this exertion and sweat began to bead on his skin. The women offered some help, holding onto his hands and then helping him along after he finally stood up and walked out of the throne room.

The room he ended up in after a short walk was his boudoir: a warm, beautiful room filled with many young women prancing about. In the center was a heated pool in which several women swam, and in one corner was a massive circular bed, sunk into a recessed alcove. Several bowls of beer sat on table, ready to be served from and generous quantities of fruit were laid out beside them, ready to be eaten.

Sirr walked towards the massive bed, stripping off his clothes as he walked, dropping his royal robes to the floor with indifference. With his huge round belly exposed, he lay down on the bed and let women swarm around while he told them, “Sorry girls. Affairs of state have to be taken care of. I wouldn’t mind so much, if they weren’t so tiring. But I’m back. Time for fun.”

The women giggled as he grabbed at some of them and started to play.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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