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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 86

Anton applied himself to shooting with renewed vigor.  His next two arrows both carried death on their tips, and two more vampires lay on the ground.

Andrei was trying to push his large cauldron in front of the disintegrating door to bolster it, but the massive metal pot was heavy and dragged along the ground.  Lina, hearing the sound, rushed downstairs and immediately joined in to help.  With Lina’s help, the task became nearly effortless.  The massive cauldron scratched loudly across the floor until it was placed in front of the door.  Now the pounding of the battering ram rang with the sound of the cauldron.

Vampires continued leaping to the roof to try and disrupt Anton and Vasile whose arrows had been deadly effective, putting almost a dozen vampires to their death on the ground.  One vampire, standing on the roof, reached for Anton from above and grabbed an arrow from his bow just as Anton was about to fire.  In the same motion, the vampire tried to stab at Anton, who stood just inside the window.  Anton was ready this time, instantly loading another arrow and putting it directly into one of the eyes that peaked through the window.

Returning to the window, Anton fired again and Vasile followed, leaving only six vampires remaining.  But those vampires were cracking through the door.  As Anton set up another shot, he saw the six vampires drop the log and start pushing the door, with cauldron behind it, open enough to pour inside.  Anton snatched the life of the last vampire of the group as Vasile snatched another, but four vampires were inside and blazing with rage.

Anton turned around and planted himself at the top of the stairs.  Vasile was immediately beside him.  Andrei was racing up the stairs with four vampires speeding to catch him.  Vasile took the first shot and a vampire rolled down the stairs with an arrow through his skull as the other three leaped over it.  As soon as Anton had a clear shot, he let his arrow fly and one more vampire dropped to the ground with a loud thud.

But as he reached for one last arrow from his quiver he knew that neither he nor Vasile would be able to kill either of these two remaining vampires in time.  The vampires moved so rapidly that, even as fast as Anton could load, aim and shoot his arrows, there simply wasn’t enough time.  He could see the vampires’ fangs, bared for that bite from Anton’s neck, dripping with hunger.  In those mere seconds and fractions of seconds there was nothing he could do, and the thought crossed his mind that, even after all they had done, they had still failed.

But neither of the two vampires made it to their intended victims.  Suddenly their expressions changed from fury and triumph to fear and shock as both vampires were pulled backwards at once.

Lina, who had hid in the workroom instead of following Andrei up the stairs, had ambushed the vampires from behind.  With each of her two hands she grabbed a vampire.  One of them she swung around and threw headfirst into the cauldron so hard that he lost consciousness, but the other she dropped to the ground and pinned while she applied her mouth to his neck.  His hysterical efforts to free himself, were slowly sapped of their vigor as his strength gradually ebbed.  Lina was soon lifting his feet to facilitate the flow of more blood into her mouth, until she eventually gave up and tossed him aside.

She proceeded to the next vampire.  He wasn’t quite dead.  His breathing still continued weakly and his heart beat on faintly, which only helped to pump more of that blood into Lina’s mouth as she pierced his veins.

After it was all over, Andrei, Anton and Vasile walked down the stairs to join Lina.  They were all tired, dazed and unwilling to do anything.  Andrei had to goad them into action, saying, “We need to clean this up as quickly as possible, and put something in place of this door in case more come.”

Lina was the only one who was in high spirits and she gladly volunteered, “I’ll go check and make sure they’ll all dead and I’ll bring in all the bodies.”

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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