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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 85

Anton leapt to the window to see what Lina was speaking of.  He couldn’t see as clearly in the dark as she had, but through the shadows he saw, just as she described, a crowd of vampires approaching.

“They’re here, and they’re many,” Anton shouted to Vasile across the hall, adding with a smile, “If you ever wanted to see how large of an attack this house could repel, today’s the day to find out.”

In the workroom Ileana and Nicoleta had been resting, Nicoleta nestling into Ileana’s arms and sleeping while Ileana dozed off.  Andrei immediately spurred them into motion, ordering Ileana, “Take Nicoleta down into the well.  Stay there until this is over.”

Ileana nodded her head and entered a small closet next to the workroom, where she began to open to entrance to the well.

Andrei tried to persuade Lina to join them, telling her, “Go with Ileana down into the well.  The vamires won’t find you there.  If all goes poorly at least you three will survive.”

Lina shook her head and said, “No, I’ll fight.”

“But you’re too valuable,” Andrei argued, “We can’t lose you.”

“I’ll be more valuable fighting,” Lina said, turning away from Andrei who futilely tried to continue speaking with her.  Ileana and Nicoleta had now disappeared into the floor and Vasile and Anton positioned themselves with longbows and arrows at their respective windows.

What became evident as the vampires came closer was that they had come prepared.  The vampires had felled a tree, stripped it of its branches and its top, leaving only a long, thick log, which they bore on their shoulders.  Two other vampires carried axes, which apparently had been instrumental in accomplishing this feat.

The two axe-wielding vampires led the charge, and started applying their axes to the back door.  From within the workroom the loud pounding of the axes on the door was heard resounding through the room like a steady drumbeat.  Andrei felt his first sense of fear as he felt each thud sending a shudder of shock through his body.

From his window, Vasile shouted to Anton, “Only shoot the one’s that are close, and make every arrow lethal.  Shooting from here should be easy in comparison to what we’ve been doing in the woods.”

From the window, the vampires were only a body-length or two away, and fixed in position at the door with their axes swinging.  Vasile and Anton both unleashed their first volley upon the two vampires at the door.  Within only a moment, the axes were both dropped to the ground as the two vampires collapsed.  One arrow had dropped in through the eye of the vampire and exited through the back of the neck causing blackness to instantly pass before his eyes and causing his body to slink to the ground, twitching with convulsions.  The other arrow entered just above the ear and exited out just beneath the opposite ear, sweeping him instantly into silence and causing his body to collapse in mid stroke.

The rest of the vampires were quickly behind them, bearing the log in arms and charging directly for the door.  They used the log as a battering ram, pounding into the door so hard that the wood sighed and creaked.

Vampires also started leaping for the roof.  Aiming directly for Anton, one vampire took a running leap towards his window.  He arced high in the air, above Anton’s head, his arms outstretched.  Anton had to quickly pull back and aim.  Je tried his best to get an arrow into the chest of the vampire while it was in the air, but he failed.

The vampire landed just in front of the window and Anton quickly scrambled back as the vampire reached in through the window trying to stab him with a dagger in hand.  Startled and falling backward, Anton tried to reload and aim for this vampire, that’s arm flailed about just in front of him.  But before he could, Lina leapt forward to help.

With a rapidity of movement that startled Anton, she ran to the window and grabbed the vampire’s arm and pulled it further in.  His body, of course, would not fit through the window, but it brought closer to her what part of him she truly wanted.  His neck, right there at the end of his arm was just at the window, and she opened her mouth and bit into the flesh with her teeth.

It was the first time she had used her new teeth.  They were so sharp that they sank easily into the skin, and the vampire’s blood flowed out into her mouth.  It had a taste much more succulent than the red brew which she’d grown accustomed to eating in the coven, something infinitely more tantalizing and delightful.

The vampire struggled as she drained his blood, but his strength only weakened the more she consumed, until finally it was only gravity that was pulling him from her grasp.  She eventually let go of the vampire.  His arm slipped through the window, and his body dropped from the roof to the ground.

Anton shrank from the terrifying Lina, whose lips and teeth were still stained with blood, but she stepped away from the window, a bit lightheaded from the food, and let him return to the window and re-initiate his shooting.

Below, the vampires continued to pound on the door with their battering ram, and the door, which splintered and bowed, looked on the verge of giving way.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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