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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 75

Asha continued with her story: “I imagine I was about your age when I started having to serve men as a prostitute.  I hated it, of course.  It was awful.  The men were awful: they were ugly and they stunk, and they’re breath stunk and they would paw all over me with their grimy hands.  So, from the very first one, who broke my hymen one painful afternoon, I started to make a list, an inventory, in my mind, of all the people that had wronged me: my parents, the Madame at the brothel and the other men that profited from it, and all the men that visited and had me.  I memorized their faces, as well as their names and anything else about them I could learn.  I still remember very clearly the very first man that broke me in: he had a bushy beard and long, greasy hair and this dull, stupid look in his eyes as if it took great mental effort even just to recall his own name.  I held onto this inventory of persons because I knew, with absolute certainty, that I would take my revenge on any and all of them that I could, when the time was right.  I didn’t know how.  I didn’t know when.  I just knew that I would.  I was waiting, biding my time, until that opportunity came.

“And you know what?  It did come.  Our brothel was visited one night by vampires.  ‘Stormed’ would probably be the more appropriate term, since they broke down the doors and start killing women.  It was an utter shock to me, as well as everyone else.  The vampires were completely new to the region.  No one had heard a thing about vampires before, nor really understood what was going on when we were attacked.  We assumed that the attackers were simply some heathen savages with a thirst for blood and we tried to repel them accordingly, with no success.  Half the women were killed.  I was not.

“I was deliberately spared.  I was visited by Jule, a vampire already quite old by that time and he entered my room, where I was huddling in the corner, afraid, trying to hide from him.  But he didn’t kill me.  Smitten by my beauty, perhaps, he simply raped me.  And then, when he finished, he told me, that he had a done me a favor.  I thought that was preposterous.  Being raped was even worse that those johns taking me for money.  But he actually turned out to be right.

“I became very sick soon after, and when I finally recovered, I was hyper-sensitive to light, I was strong, I was fast, I had lost all sexual desire, and I gained a hunger that could only be satisfied with blood.  I didn’t understand what I’d become, or what I was, but I rampaged and killed.  I first slew the Madame, who’d somehow survived the vampire attack, and the two nobles who respectively rented out and taxed the building of the brothel.  I latched onto their necks and drank their blood and then eviscerated their bodies for due recompense.  Then Jule found me out and took me into his coven, this coven, though we hadn’t moved into these caves yet.  And he taught me what I needed to know about being a vampire.

“Then, with his and the other vampires’ help, we tracked down every man I could find from my inventory.  I couldn’t find all of them, unfortunately.  Some of them were soldiers or vagabonds who either died on their own or were settled somewhere far from here where I couldn’t find them.  Those I didn’t get to.  The rest, though, I found and I killed them; we killed them, together: drank their blood, desecrated their bodies and left them in the open air for the animals.  Because I had remembered.  I had kept track of all those that had wronged me.  I knew their sins, and was prepared to dole out justice, however long it took.

“I still haven’t lost that habit.  I remember.  I always know how things stand.  And I’m sure to bring justice to those who do wrong.  Do you understand?”

Lina nodded.  And then Asha told, “If you’re going to go outside, be sure and cover up.  The sun will burn you up.”

Lina then left Asha’s room without a “goodbye” or a “thank you,” going directly to her room and pulling out the cloak, shoes, gloves and head covering that she would need to tolerate the daylight sun.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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