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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 83

Andrei replied to Lucian by speaking as slowly as he could, “The vampires are keeping hundreds of humans prisoner in their coven.  Hundreds.”

“By the blood of Christ,” Lucian swore with shock.

He fell silent as indecision pushed him to and fro.  He feared personal repercussions from Asha should he fail to persuade Andrei to release this vampire, yet, if what Andrei was saying were true, the necessity of helping these people was beyond debate.

“Still can’t we just release this vampire to them?” Lucian tried to compromise, “Just release her?”

“I think we’ll need her help if we ever hope to free these people,” Andrei said, “Besides, I don’t want to imagine what they’ll do to her if they should get a hold of her.”

“For the love of God, she’s a vampire,” Lucian indignantly replied, “Why do you care?  These things are beasts.  You chop them up yourself and make them into medicine.”

Andrei shrugged his shoulders and admitted, “So maybe I’m a hypocrite.  But I won’t back down.  She’s staying with us.  She saved someone, a young girl.  That’s enough for me.”

Lucian backed away at this point, opening the door to leave.  Once the door was open, he turned back to Andrei and told him, “This issue isn’t over.”  Then Lucian left and Andrei closed and locked the door behind him.

In the coven, Sim lay in his bed.  He had been restrained, with his arms and feet tied to the bedposts, such that he was sprawled spread-eagle across his beautiful bed.  His shirt had been stripped, such that his muscular chest and white sweat-soaked skin were exposed.

In that position, for a long time, he waited, in agonizing anticipation of what he knew was undoubtedly coming.  Asha herself stepped in through the door, which was guarded by two vampires who stood in the hall.

“This is so disappointing.  You were my right hand man,” Asha told Sim as she entered, “I think you know what is about to happen.  Since Lina is still new to this coven and is thereby your responsibility, I’m afraid you’ll have to take her punishment in her absence.  I won’t quite give you the full sentence because I’m optimistic that she’ll be returned to us, and that she can thereby endure the complete punishment.  Thus, so long as she is eventually returned, your life is spared.”

A vampire trailed after Asha, carrying a tray on which were placed the remains of the arrows that had, only a few days ago, been removed from Sim’s body after their last excursion.  The curved metal heads of the arrows and crossbow bolts that he had been shot with had been cleaned and polished such that they glinted under the candlelight.

Asha picked up the remains of one of the arrows.  Not much of the shaft remained of this one, which had been broken close to the head, and was thus more like a short stick with an arrowhead attached.  Asha took the arrow point and set it on Sim’s skin, so that he could feel the coolness of the metal.

“I believe it is traditional for the first stage of the torture to be the display of the torture devices.  For people who take this very seriously there is, apparently, supposed to be a gradual crescendo of torture, with the display being the first, relatively mild, agony of the process.  I don’t have time for such formalities though, so I’ll skip directly to the pain.”

Asha pushed the arrowhead into the flesh of Sim’s arm, and he was immediately wracked by a jolt of pain.  Asha pushed the arrow in and then began to turn it inside him and the pain was amplified.  Sim cried out, but at the same time tried to grit his teeth to control himself.

“Because we vampires heal so much more thoroughly and quickly, there really is a lot less art to torturing you than a human being,” Asha calmly explained, “There’s not as much risk of killing you prematurely.  Your body can endure so much before it gives in, especially a strong vampire like you.”

Asha picked up another arrow and with a hard thrust, drove it into his leg.  Then, she pushed it in further, twisting it as it dug deeper inside of him.  Sim’s body convulsed as he tried to escape, to no avail, and he continued his screams of pain.

Asha then pulled out the first arrow from his arm with a swift gesture that brought to Sim a single, profound rush of pain.

“I think it’s better if I do it more slowly,” Asha said, reconsidering, “I’m not very experienced with this.  I really shouldn’t be hasty.  You and I have quite of bit of time together.”

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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