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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 70

Tor huffed with frustration when Suma left.  Then he saw Lina and felt suddenly thankful she was there, ordering her, “Go fetch Mir, little Lina.”

Lina's first impulse was to obey, but instead she simply shrugged her shoulders and said, “Who?”

This was more annoyance for a single day than Tor could take, and he huffed with frustration again, even louder this time.  With a great display of effort, he dragged himself to his feet and lumbered ponderously across the room.  “How can you not know Mir,” he said as he passed her.  Then, as he stepped out the door, he reminded her, “Don’t touch anything while I’m gone.”

As soon as he was out the door, Lina saw the opportunity she'd been waiting for.  She ran over to the separate pot that Suma had used to fill the single final bowl, reasoning that the single final bowl must be going to Asha and that this separate pot contained the remains of the deceased vampire.

She leapt up onto the counter and knelt before the great black pot of warm red liquid.  She scooped several large ladle-fulls of the thick substance into her mouth and quickly gulped them down, one after another.  She tried to cram as much of it into her stomach as she could as quickly as possible, not knowing how effective it was or how much her body could take.

When she thought she heard the sound of footsteps in the hall, she dropped the ladle, jumped down to the ground and quickly picked up the broom to commence her cleaning.  Sure enough, Tor entered, waddling through the entrance with loud and heavy breaths and with Mir behind him.

“Mir,” Tor said as an introduction, pointing at Mir, still clearly annoyed, as they walked by.  Lina nodded at him and got out of the way of Mir’s imposing bulk.  Mir went to the door that led into the pen and opened it with a thick, black key that he carried with him.  The heavy door swung open and he disappeared into the pen.  Tor stood guard at the door, to make sure that no humans attempted to escape while the door was open.

Finally, Mir emerged from the pen with a grey-haired woman wrapped in his arms.  The woman flailed about, trying to hit Mir, trying to knock herself free, and just trying to do whatever she could to get away.  Tor locked the door behind Mir with his own key, as Mir dumped the woman onto the table and then in one swift motion twisted her head on her neck, with such force and abruptness that immediately her whole body instantly went limp.

Lina immediately felt she’d stayed too long and seen more than she'd wanted to.  She hastily moved out of the room, as the two vampires started to cut away the woman’s clothes and shave her.

Lina’s departure was apt for another reason, as well: she was also feeling the effects of the mixture that she’d drunk and needed to get away.  She put down her broom and went directly to her room.  The first sensation she felt was of wanting to vomit up the entire contents of her stomach.  Her stomach was so filled with food, as if she’d stuffed herself with a giant feast until she was about to overflow.  She arduously resisted the urge to throw up, not enthusiastic about the possibility of having to try to steal some of the food again.  She had to lie down on the bed, and almost felt light-headed, her head spinning and her body reeling.  Wave upon wave of energy seemed to be flowing outward from her body's center to her extremities.  Sweat glistened on her skin, as her heart rate accelerated and her body grew incredibly warm.

“When will this be over?” she agonizingly asked herself.  Her stomach felt awful; her head felt awful, and, as the moments passed, it only seemed to get worse.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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