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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fatma Nap

Fatma Nap by allistair
Fatma Nap a photo by allistair on Flickr.

This picture was taken on the N train while returning from Coney Island. That's me on the right and my future wife Fatma. This was only the third time we had met and before we started dating. We met through a mutual friend Hande, who was a fellow student of mine at Stony Brook, and knew Fatma from Istanbul.

Hande had decided she wanted to visit Coney Island which she had never been to, and invited Fatma and me along. It was in early April, when it was still a bit cold and windy out on the beach. After walking around and taking some rides, we returned near the end of day. Fatma was tired, and I let her nap on my shoulder while we rode the train back. I snapped this picture myself, holding the camera and arms length and taking a couple shots. I sent the picture to Hande to forward to Fatma, which initiated an exchange of emails, eventually leading to our first date about a week later.

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