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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The apartment hunt continued

As I explained yesterday, when I was out looking for an apartment in Amsterdam, I was looking at one place along with two other people, a Dutch man and a French woman. I had assumed that the French woman was single and so decided to pursue her, but it didn't work out quite like I expected.

The French woman was a slender, professional-looking brunette with pale skin and dark eyes. After we finished looking at the apartment, the two of us were back out on the street heading towards the nearest tram stop, and, since she was moderately attractive, I struck up a conversation. She had moved to Amsterdam for a job, and she was currently living in a friend's place temporarily while she waded through the long apartment-hunting slog.

I invited her out for drinks and we ended up at a bar that she knew of, near central Amsterdam. We had a nice conversation, and at the end of the night exchanged phone numbers so we could do it again.

I called her a couple days later and invited her out for dinner, and she consented. A short while after that I talked to my friendTom, who invited me over to his place, since him and his friends were going out drinking that evening. I told him I was going out to dinner with a French woman and would be by afterwards, and asked if I could bring her along. His said this was fine and we hung up.

Then the French woman called me back, clearly concerned. She told me that she wanted to cancel the dinner because she had a boyfriend and she was worried I might have got wrong idea. This was a bit of surprise to me, as I had assumed she was interested in me. I told her that I was meeting up with some friends for drinks and she should come along. She consented. So, that night we met up and went to Tom's apartment together.

One of Tom's roommates was a young Frenchman named Flaurent, who worked for Sony, dealing with product design. Both Tom and Flaurent were young, charming and outgoing men in their twenties, well-dressed, good sense of humor and lots of fun. It was Tom, Flaurent and a friend of Flaurent, another Frenchman, that were going to be going out drinking that night. Tom had, of course, told them about the French woman I was bringing and about our previous date, so they assumed that I was dating this woman. After they arrived and we started talking, the two Frenchmen started teasing her, talking about how American men were stealing their French women and that French women are a national treasure and what are you doing with this guy. It was all in good fun, but it made her quite uncomfortable.

Eventually she had to quietly tell the two Frenchmen, that she already had a boyfriend and that her and I were just friends. Flaurent afterwards came over to me and told me: "Did you know she already has a boyfriend and isn't interested in you?" And I had to admit that she had told me the same thing just today. I added: "She agreed to go to dinner, and then she changed her mind, after she thought I might misinterpret it."

In the end, we had a fun night, and she got to like my friends. I met up with her on a few more occasions during my time in Amsterdam, and was really happy with the apartment I found.

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