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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dream of the Hearse

I wonder if someone could make this into a good story. I once had a dream where there was this funeral procession. A line of cars were driving slowly down the road. The hearse car was a convertible, and the coffin was in the center. Sitting around the coffin was the close family.

Suddenly the coffin started to shake, and the top was kicked off. The deceased, in a dark suit emerged out of the coffin and leapt out of the car. At the side of the road just happened to be a woman in a white wedding dress. He grabbed her by the hand and the two of them ran into the nearest building which was a church. After only a few moments they ran out of the chapel, now fully wed, and jumped into the driver's seat of the hearse car and sped away.

Try to make that into an interesting story at the sound of the whistle. Go!

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