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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 34

Madalina was resolved that it would be Nicoleta she would take to Sim as her prize.  After making this decision, she spent a few moments assessing the situation, planning out how she would do everything and in what order, as she feared that the only way to make this work would be to do everything properly without a single stumble or hesitation.

Madalina’s first step was to open the door out of the room.  Then she quietly approached Nicoleta with gag in hand.  She would first do everything that could be done noiselessly, and she would perform those tasks slowly and carefully.  Madalina carefully slid the long strip of cloth she held around Nicoleta’s head.  Even as she slipped it under her head, Nicoleta lazily dreamed away, with the side of her face buried in her pillow.  Then Madalina slowly wrapped Nicoleta’s sheets around her, borrowing this idea from the girls.  She carefully pinned the sheets shut.  It was nowhere near as tight as Madalina’s wrap, but it would probably hold long enough.

She knew of no way to perform any of the remaining tasks noiselessly.  Thus, she would have to perform these tasks quickly and smoothly.  First, Madalina abruptly tightened the gag, jolting Nicoleta awake.  Madalina quickly muffled Nicoleta’s mouth with her hand, just as she started to shout.  Her stifled shouts were not enough to wake the other girls, but she still flailed and struggled against the sheets.

Madalina quickly bent down and lifted the small girl on her shoulder.  Her legs almost crumpled under the weight, but she was able to walk her through the door.  What she was less successful at doing was in keeping Nicoleta quiet at this point.  Nicoleta sceamed against the gag in her mouth, a cry that made more than enough noise to rouse the other girls awake.

Mirela and Dorina blinked and sat up, not quite sure what sound it was they heard.  Madalina was already out the door but heard the sounds of movement coming from her room.  She ran out of the novitiate and across the courtyard without hesitation, and without checking if the sentries were out of sight.  Mirela and Dorina saw the open door, saw the empty beds of Nicoleta and Madalina, and leaped out of their beds in pursuit.

Madalina struggled to push Nicoleta through the hole she’d squeezed herself through those many times before, but she was having trouble because Nicoleta wouldn’t stop squirming and because Nicoleta wasn’t quite as small as Madalina.  But as she stuffed the girl through with her foot, she could hear the sound of a sentry as he called, “Hey!  You!  What are you doing?” She then heard the shuffle of stamping feet as he circled around the wall to approach her.

Madalina didn’t look back, now shoving herself through the hole and unlocking the outer door.  She pushed the door beams aside as she heard the stir of commotion.  Her two other roommates were in the courtyard by now, and now they, with their shouts, added to the noise that was being made by Cezar, the sentry, who called out, “Sisters!  One of your girls is out here!  She’s going to the forest.  Hurry!”

Sister Oana was the first out the door into the courtyard.  Anticipating Madalina’s excursion, she had kept an ear open all night for sounds of alarm.  When she entered the courtyard she saw Mirela and Dorina and asked them, “What is it?”  They both pointed to the door, which was now slightly open.  Madalina was pushing Nicoleta through the gap with all her energy.  Her body was sweating from exertion and she was pale with fright.

“Madalina, No!” Sister Oana roared.  When Madalina heard the sound, she turned back and looked at Sister Oana with terror, just as she squeezed herself through the door.

Sister Oana approached the gate and pulled the lever to raise the portcullis.  The machinery stirred, the counterweights dropped and the portcullis slowly rattled upwards as more of the nuns emerged from their quarters

Once the portcullis was open, Sister Oana pulled open the outer doors, and continued her pursuit out beyond the walls, into the darkness of the forest.  The rest of the group, though, looked out at the dark forest, to which they were now naked and exposed, and shivered with dread.  A few nuns reluctantly stepped forward to the threshold of the gate and looked out into the night, afraid to go any further and uncertain what to do.

Atop the wall, the sentries silently watched the distant figures disappearing into the forest, Madalina struggling to run with a great weight squirming on her shoulder and Sister Oana behind her and quickly gaining ground.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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