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Friday, February 24, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 32

“No,” Madalina said without hesitating or breaking eye contact, “I didn’t sneak out last night.”  She then turned her head to be released from Sister Oana’s grip and lowered her eyes in meekness.

“Good. If that’s true, then we might be having a good influence on you,” Sister Oana said with an attempt to mimic the sweat and pleasant smile of Sister Elisabeta, “But, we are still watching you closely, to make sure you do nothing you shouldn’t.”

Madalina said, in a quiet and meek way, “Yes, sister.”

“You may go now,” Sister Oana then said, and Madalina began to dash off.  But she stopped herself before she left, wrapping herself around Sister Elisabeta and giving her a warm hug.

Sister Elisabeta squealed with joy, “Oh my!  What is that for?”

“I just wanted to thank for everything and for being really nice to me,” Madalina said.

Sister Oana looked at Madalina suspiciously, but Madalina ignored her, letting go of Sister Elisabeta and running off to attend service.

Madalina took special opportunity to watch the sunset after she finished the evening meal.  She stood out in the courtyard and could just see over the wall the pink and purple clouds that were spread across the sky while the sun disappeared over the horizon.  “This might be the last time I’ll see you,” she quietly said to it.  This rather dismal thought was almost enough to make her want to give up the whole thing.

She reflected on how she’d probably never see again anything in this convent, the church, the novitiate, the gardens, the plants and trees and all those people she knew.  This was the only home she’d known since she was barely old enough to remember.  She couldn’t remember the castle she’d grown up in, and the long journey to get here.  She only had heard about such events other.  Every memory she had was in this convent, and she would be seeing it no more after this night.

That evening, after the Compline service, Madalina returned to her room and found her three roommates there ahead of her.  The three girls stood, waiting for her and watched her intently as she walked into the room.

“Are you going to sneak out again and get us all into trouble? Mirela asked, in an inquisitional tone.

“No,” Madalina said, avoiding their looks and moving to her bed to change into her nightclothes.”

“Don’t bother lying to us,” Mirela continued, “We know about last night.”  Madalina looked towards them, and when she looked in Nicoleta’s eyes, Nicoleta lowered her gaze in shame.

“I won’t do it again,” Madalina said, “I guarantee you won’t have to worry about me anymore.”

The girls didn’t say anything, waiting for Madalina, who was now changed into her nightclothes to step into bed and lay down.  Once she lay on her back, the girls closed in, swarming around her in a body.

“We’re not going to take any chances,” Mirela said, while the three of them restrained Madalina, who squirmed and struggled.  They took her blanket and wrapped it around her tightly like a rolled up parchment, so her arms were pinned to her side and her legs were held together.

Mirela asked the other girls, “Did you find a rope or something to hold this closed?”

Nicoleta pulled out a few pins and said, “Only this.”  They then affixed the pins to the fabric of the blanket so that the wrap wouldn’t unravel.

“I think this should hold,” Dorina said, tugging a little at the sheets

“You should be able to sleep fine like this.  It’s not too tight is it?  Not uncomfortable?” Mirela asked, with feigned concern on her face, “Don’t worry we’ll let you out for Midnight Office and Matins.  We wouldn’t want you to get in trouble.”

Madalina tried to push outward with her arms but the sheet wrapped around her was simply too tight.  The pins held firm and she didn’t possess the strength to tear the fabric.

As the girls watched her squirm futilely they became more confident the restraints would hold.  They retired to their beds and relaxed, wishing each other a good night.  Slowly they fell asleep while Madalina lay awake, unable to sleep or move, wrapped tightly in her blanket.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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