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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vampire Wares, pt 31

Sister Elisabeta explained, “We know that vampires were not created on the sixth day because when God surveyed his creation, he declared that it was good.  This means that the vampires, like other abominations, such as the giants, were created after the sixth day.  The giants, the Bible tells us, were created in the time of Noah and killed in the flood, and the same fate would’ve befallen the vampires, had they existed then.  But, no, they were created much later.  How many of you know the story of Ahab, the king of Israel and the husband of Jezebel?”

Some hands were raised and Sister Elisabeta called on a girl, asking, “What do you know about Jezebel?”

One of the older novices said, “She married Ahab and persuaded him to worship Baal, and kill the true prophets, but she was stopped by Elijah.”

“Yes, very good,” Sister Elisabeta said, very proudly, “She led her husband and the people of Israel into wickedness by switching from the worship of the true God, to that of wicked pagan demons such as Baal and Asherah and, the even more wicked, Moloch, who was worshipped by sacrificing children by fire in Topheth.  Ahab raised many statues to these pagan demons in many cities, including in Samaria.  He died in battle at Ramothgilead when he was shot by an arrow and bled into his chariot.  After his death, they decided to clean his chariot, so they took it to the pool of Samaria to wash off the blood, which drained into and polluted this pool.  In this pool, the prostitutes also washed, such that they washed in the blood of Ahab.  And these prostitutes became infected with the wicked blood of Ahab, as they were prone to such infection from living a sinful life.  These prostitutes infected the men who came to them in sin, and those wicked who were infected, infected yet others, until vampires became a scourge upon the earth, which will not be wiped away until the second coming of our Lord, when He will wipe away all sin from the earth.”

Sister Elisabeta told them more about the second coming and the infectiousness of sin, and then finished with a prayer.  When she finished her lesson and the novices dispersed for further prayer, Madalina approached Elisabeta and said, “Sister I have a question I was hoping you could answer for me.”

“Yes, dear,” Sister Elisabeta said, “What is it?”

“I was wondering if you knew why my parents left me here at this monastery.”

“You sound as if you regret that you were put here,” Sister Elisabeta consoled, “I think you underestimate the value of being in a place of peace and isolation.  Out beyond the walls of this convent the country is in turmoil, with many people fighting for power.  And members of your family are at the center of it.”

“Really?” Madalina asked, suddenly interested, “What are they doing?”

Sister Elisabeta hesitated, thinking about it for a moment, before she said, “Your father has been fighting in wars with the Ottomans, and some of your relatives have been leaders of Transylvania vying for power.  But there has been much change of power and it’s not for us to keep track of all these conflicts and intrigue.  Which is the reason why your parents put you here, to save you from all of this turmoil and danger and live in peace and virtue.”

“Your parents left you here as a gift to God,” Sister Oana interjected, “They saw giving you to our monastery as penance for their sins.”  They turned to see Sister Oana approaching them through the garden. Sister Elisabeta tried to interrupt and say something at this point, but Sister Oana cut her off, “Fortunately, this has presented an opportunity, as Sister Elisabeta said, for us to bring you to the virtue that so escaped your family.  And we will teach you virtue.  So long as you listen to us and cooperate.”

Now standing next to Madalina, Sister Oana reached down and raised her chin so that she was looking directly into the Sister’s eyes.  Sister Elisabeta again tried to intervene, but Sister Oana raised her hand to hold her back.  “You didn’t try to sneak out again last night?” Sister Oana asked, while looking directly into Madalina’s eyes.

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