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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 33

Madalina waited until she knew her roommates were asleep, before she made an earnest effort to escape from her blanket.  She now pushed as hard as she could with her arms, but it was to no avail.

She wanted to bang her head against the wall in frustration.  Her body could barely move and when she exerted herself to the full extent of her strength, she accomplished nothing.  She let out a few sobs before she took a deep breath and resolved to keep trying.

When she pushed with her legs she was more successful.  After some attempts pushing outwards, she heard that sound of ripping fabric.  She chastised herself when she heard the noise, fearing it would wake the girls.  If they heard that ripping they would awake and search for something even more secure to hold her.

She decided to quietly turn her whole body so that her feet were hanging over the bed, and then she sat up and wriggled downwards until her feet touched the ground, permitting her to stand on her two feet.

She was tempted to just hop out of the room and try to find someone who could free her, but decided against it.   She was on her own.  She looked around the room for something to snag herself onto.  She was thinking that maybe if she could snag the cloth onto some sharp hook, she could thereby use it to rip the fabric, but she didn’t see anything and gave up.

Instead she tried to bend down and reach the pins with her teeth.  This was not as easy as she expected.  Her spine was simply not flexible enough to touch her mouth to her belly button, and certainly not flexible enough to reach any of the pins above it.   She wanted to stomp her feet in frustration, but held back and simple lowered her head for one sob before she continued.

With effort, she was able to reach one of the pins, one affixed just above her knee.  By bending her legs and curling her back and neck downward, she could just take the pin in her teeth and carefully pull it out, spitting it onto the floor.

She was disappointed in how little additional freedom this gave her.  This didn’t do much except give her legs a bit more room to move.

She did notice, though, that her hands did have a little bit more freedom.  Her arms were still pinned to her side, but she could freely move her wrists and fingers.  She decided that with her two hands she would pick up and collect into her grasp all of the blanket below her waist.  After a minute or so of gathering up the blanket, she was finally holding the lower part of the blanket, bunched up in her hands.  From here she was able to bend her wrists and touch the exterior of the blanket.  She couldn’t reach anything right away, but one of the needles was just beyond her grasp.  With a little bit of squirming and pushing with her arms, the needle was reachable.  With two fingers, she pulled the pin that was affixed above her navel and dropped it to the ground.

The blanket loosened more and her arms were able to move a bit more freely.  With the additional freedom of movement this afforded, the last steps were relatively easy.  She could just reach the other three pins and pull them out.  She then shimmied until the blanket unfurled around her and fell to the floor at her feet.

To celebrate, she crouched down to her knees and, placing her face in her hands, she firmly clenched her teeth and silently screamed.

She didn’t want to think yet about how difficult the next step would be.  She would have to bundle up and drag one of these fat wretches out of the novitiate, through the gates, and far out into the forest, before she reached Sim.

As she contemplated which one to take, she slowly ripped away a strip of cloth with which to gag the unfortunate victim.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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