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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 95

“What do you mean?” Andrei asked Flaviu.

“I’ve got a few barrels of gunpowder in my store right now.  It shouldn’t be too hard to get a few more.  There’s been a bit of a lapse in the warfare recently, so we might be able to acquire some from one of the armies.  All we need to do is set a light to those barrels and it’ll pop the top off of that cave like a wine flask,” Flaviu said.

“And then we bring our guns, our cannons and our archers to the edge of that crater and we shoot down every vampire still moving,” Andrei added.

“But the cave system extends deeper beyond that main room.  Long hallways of personal rooms.  Many vampires will be in their own room, no matter when you attack,” Lina said, interjecting, “You will still have to descend and face them hand to hand.”

“No, what we’ll have to do is bring more explosives and dump them down in there to open up the place more.  I trust Vasile and Andrei know what they’re talking about, when they say that these vampires are too dangerous for hand to hand combat.”

“We can’t go too far with the explosions,” Andrei added, “We have to worry about the humans, the ones were there to supposedly save.  How far are they in there?”

“The pen begins maybe a hundred paces from the Great Hall,” Lina said.

“We can’t go very far.  Even with the gunpowder over the Great Hall, there’s a genuine risk we might still cause a cave in over the humans,” Flaviu noted, “Though we can’t avoid taking some risk, we can only push it so far.”

“Unless we could get all those vampires to be in the Great Hall.  Is there a way to do that?” Andrei asked Lina.

Lina said, shrugging her shoulders, “The only time I ever saw them all gathered there was when I first arrived.  They gathered to see me infected.”

“That’s what we need to think about, how to get them underneath that explosion,” Andrei declared, “Because I think this is the plan we’re stuck with.”

They all nodded, then the three men stood, and Lina stood with them.

“Lina, might I note that we couldn't have done it without you,” Andrei told her, flashing a bright smile in her direction.

“I have to agree with the good apothecary,” Flaviu agreed, belting out a hearty laugh to show his concurrence.

Vasile last of all nodded, “I never thought I’d see the day when a vampire would do so much to help me.”

The three men then turned around and, carrying their candle and the last bit of the dim light with them, they walked up the stairs and out of the room.

As they exited the church, they failed to notice Lucian kneeling in the front of the church, ostensibly in prayer.  His hands clasped in front of him, Lucian turned his head just enough to catch the faces of the three men that left.  He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote out the substance of what he had seen, noting that he’d seen Flaviu, Andrei and Vasile apparently meeting with Lina, who was now staying in the crypt of the church.  He then he stood up and exited the church with the folded paper in hand and followed Flaviu around the wall.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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