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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 93

The sound of Sim’s screams could only faintly and distortedly be heard in the halls of the pen.  Constanta, who’d been making friends with whomever she could, was sitting in the arena next to a woman named Sorina.  She had brown, ratty hair, which she kept cropped short, around a pretty face, in which her eyes frequently flashed with excitement, making her look like one who can take delight in anything.  She managed to keep herself clean, which was rather difficult in the pen, and for this reason, among others, she was popular with the men.

“What is that sound?” Constanta asked, as she had many times before, “It sounds horrible.”

“It’s best not to know,” Sorina said, quickly changing topics.  “There’s a woman who cuts hair in here,” Sorina said to Constanta, inspecting her hair, “Yours is getting rather grimy, You’ll have to earn some money to pay for the haircut, of course, but it’s worth it.”  She smiled with a characteristically devilish smile, which made her seem as if she was always trying to hide some secret impropriety.

“How would I earn money?” Constanta asked, “How do you earn money?”

Sorina laughed a little, answering, “You don’t want to earn money the way I do.”  When Constanta insisted on asking again her about her job, Sorina relented by saying, “I give companionship to men.”

Contanta looked at her confused, and Sorina explained, “Men get lonely and I provide myself as someone to be there with them.  Just like you have friends and family that you want to spend time with, men need people to spend time with, and they prefer to do it in the company of young, beautiful women.  There’re a number of women who provide similar services here in the pen.  It’s probably the most abundantly offered service here.  It doesn’t pay that well, but what else have I got to offer?”

“Men are strange,” Constanta commented, still perplexed.

“That they are,” Sorina said, “But I don't think it’s a job you should take.  Not for a long time.  Not until you give up.”

“Give up on what?”

“On the thought that you’re ever going to get out of here,” Sorina said, “I gave up a long time ago.  I was kidnapped probably when I was about your age.  I’ve been trapped here in the darkness for years.  You’d be surprised how you can get used to it, even feel like you belong.  I really don’t know what I’d do if I ever got out of here.”

“We will be out of here soon.  I’m convinced of it,” Constanta said, then asking as she leaned in close to speak quietly into Sorina’s ear, “You know what I believe?  I believe that Nicoleta wasn’t taken off to be eaten.  I believe that the little vampire that took her away was freeing her.”

Sorina didn’t laugh as she normally did, or even change the expression of her face when Constanta said this.  She only nodded her head.  She then looked around the room to see if anyone was listening in and she said quietly to Constanta, “Dragomir would be furious if he heard me saying this.  He’s bee vehement in insisting that Nicoleta is dead.  But I heard that vampire say something.  I was there when Nicoleta was taken, within earshot.”

Sorina had Constanta’s full attention as the two girls conferred close together, Sorina’s lips near Constanta’s ear to pass on the secret as confidentially as possible.  “Don’t tell anyone, but I thought she said to Nicoleta, ‘I’m freeing you.’  And that same vampire had come to the pen earlier looking for Nicoleta, as if she knew her.”

Constanta’s eyes widened as she heard these words.  She simply responded, “I knew it.”

Constanta then looked at Sorina with a glowing smile on her face, and Sorina repeated with her devilish smile, “But don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t,” Constanta smiled, “This is the best news I’ve heard since I’ve arrived.  Don’t you see?  Nicoleta’s disappearance is like the rebirth of Lazarus.”  Sorina was confused so Constanta had to explain, “Lazarus was the first person resurrected.  He was the harbinger.  The first sign of the glorious apocalypse to come when we mortal humans will be resurrected and judged, when we will be freed from the oppressive kingdom of men, and liberated into the kingdom of heaven.”

Sorina laughed again, and gave Constanta an affectionate slap on the knee, saying, “Well I hope our liberation comes faster than the apocalypse.  It’s been sixteen centuries since the birth of Jesus with no apocalypse.  I can’t wait that long.”

Constanta laughed at this, thinking that Sorina had said something very scandalous, but she smiled delightfully.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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