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Monday, June 4, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 90

After pointing his accusing finger at Lina, Lucian continued: “We are being dragged into an internal dispute.  If this vampire were to have her way, we would be forced to fight her war for her.  Like us, the vampires battle for power.  But unlike us, they employ a savagery that we cannot fathom.  This vampire here seeks to take command of the coven of vampires that lives in the woods.  But she cannot do it alone.  That is why she has conned us into thinking that there are people we need to save.  Because she wants us to take our troops and risk our lives and attack her coven for her benefit.  When the war is over and the coven is mostly dust, she will seize control of the vampires that have been defeated and weakened, by our hands.”

“Do not forget that we have signed a truce, and the vampires are still willing to honor it.  All we need to do is return this vampire.  We do not need to return this girl.  Her survival is a blessing to us, and we should all wish her a long life.  We do not need to give the vampires another human soul.  All we need to do is return one of their own.  Are we concerned about the life of a mere vampire that we are willing to risk lives for it and to end our truce?  Why are we listening to these lies?”

“They are not lies,” Lina burst out in a loud screech.

Before Lucian could object, Andrei stood up and told the people nearest the window, “Could we close the shutters as a courtesy to Lina.  Please.”  Several persons went to the windows and closed the shutters, leaving only a few faint traces of light in the room.

Once the daylight was expunged, Lina stood from her chair and strode forward.  With her exposed white hands, she removed her hood and removed the black cloth that covered her face and revealed herself to the crowd.  She was not quite the beauty that Asha was.  She still looked young, for a vampire.  But she experienced something she was not accustomed to before the crowd: they were captivated by her radiant face.  Her gorgeous face commanded their attention, even if she did not have the practiced speaking skill of Lucian.

“Nicoleta has chosen to speak, of her own volition.  She has no reason to lie for me.  It was I who captured her; I who handed her over to the vampires; I who nearly got her killed.  I kidnapped her for them because I wanted to become one of them.  It is my fault she was almost killed.  Why would she lie for me?  She would’ve been stuck there underground for decades, prodded into birthing more food for them.  There are some now who have been there for decades.  They loathe the vampires.  They wouldn’t come before you to help us, any of us.

“And what would I benefit from this?  I do not want you to visit my coven and slay the strongest among them, leaving some behind for me to command.  No.  I want to wipe them all out.  Leave none behind.  And after that you will see that many, many persons that you have missed for a long time will be returned to you.  Trust this young girl.”

After speaking, Lina retreated to her seat and bundled herself in her cloak again, hiding from the many eyes that looked up at her.

Lucian tried to break in again at this point, but he was unable to raise his voice above the crowd, which was now alive with debate and protest.  Persons from everywhere were shouting back and forth at one another and refusing to be quieted.  The crowd was in a ruckus once again, as it had been just after Nicoleta had first spoken.  Though not everyone was willing to believe Nicoleta, the majority seemed to be on her side.

Amidst the noise and commotion, Flaviu walked up to Andrei and said to him, extending his hand for a shake, “You will have my soldiers to help you with this attack.”

“Thank you, Captain,” Andrei graciously replied.

Flaviu followed by asking, “When is this attack then?”

“I don’t even know the how, let alone the when,” Andrei admitted, “We’re going to start planning immediately.  But, whatever you do, make sure that Lucian knows as little as possible, if not less.  I don’t think I trust him.”

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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