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Sunday, June 5, 2011

More on Peter Thiel

More commentary on Peter Theiel's fellowship, which I mentioned before. Naomi Schaefer Riley writes in the Washington Post:
Employers may decide that there are better ways to get high school students ready for careers. What if they returned to the idea of apprenticeship, not just for shoemakers and plumbers but for white-collar jobs? College as a sorting process for talent or a way to babysit 18-year-olds is not very efficient for anyone involved. Would students rather show their SAT scores to companies and then apply for training positions where they can learn the skills they need to be successful? Maybe the companies could throw in some liberal arts courses along the way. At least they would pick the most important ones and require that students put in some serious effort. Even a 40-hour workweek would be a step up from what many students are asked to do now.
I think this is something that should go on more often. If more businesses offered genuinely promising students who could easily go to college the option of effectively skipping college and getting directly drafted into the pros, students could save tens of thousands of dollars. College is a good idea for some people, but for others, it's just an expensive piece of paper necessary for career advancement. College is a great experience, but at the prices being offered, it's rather burdensome to spend thirty years paying off the cost of a four year long party.

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