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Monday, July 9, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 110

Anton ran all the way home with Constanta on his shoulders.  The rest of the crowd, as well as his father, lagged behind.  When he got to his home, his mother was out in the fields.

When she saw Anton and Constanta jogging towards her, she ran out to greet her children.  She shouted the name of her daughter with arms outstretched, until Anton finally placed her daughter into her arms and she could hug her until her muscles ached and her eyes hurt with crying.

“Where’s your father?” Viorica asked.

“The old man’s slow,” Anton laughed, “He’ll be here in a few minutes.”

She breathed a sigh of relief and then took to her daughter inside, ready to pamper her with every indulgence, and thinking that she would never let the girl go further than an arm’s breadth away from her as long as she should live.

Shortly thereafter Anton went to visit Andrei to tell him the good and the bad of the day’s events, but when he went to visit the quiet shop and pounded on the door, there was no one there to answer.  When he asked around, no one had seen Andrei all day.

As the rest of the crowd arrived in Vallaya, many began to part ways, some heading for towns in other directions, some finding long-parted relatives in Vallaya whom they returned to amid tearful reunions.  The bulk headed in the direction of Terem, Flaviu and his soldiers leading the way, with many former residents of Terem following behind.  For a great many of those so long interred in the pen, they simply had no place to go or any family to find.  So, they followed the crowd to Terem, joining old friends from the pen, who promised to help them make the transition or simply hoping to find employment there.  Crina and Sorina had both been persuaded to follow Oana to the convent and take the veil, and they prepared themselves for a life of chastity and resignation.

As Sister Oana finally arrived back at the convent and entered through the gate, with numerous converts and refugees in tow, she boldly announced, “Sisters, I have returned.  And I have brought guests.”

A crowd built around her as work came to halt, and everyone wanted to hear her story of what had happened.  Oana couldn’t resist, and elaborated in full detail all she’d experienced and all she’d been told about what had happened elsewhere.  She stood in the middle of the courtyard amid a tightly-packed mass of people on all sides around her, who listened to her long oration.

“So, all the vampires are dead?” the voice of Ileana spoke out after she had finished.

“Yes, so we were told.  With the exception of Madalina.  Since she helped the soldiers with the attack and she’s friendly to us, so we needn’t worry about her at all.  For once, we can safely say, the vampire threat is finished for good, forever, and until the end of days.”

Ileana saddled her horse, soon after Oana’s return.  “Thank you for your hospitality,” she told Sister Elisabeta, “It’s time to be back with my husband.  I’ve missed him these past few days.”

Her departure from Nicoleta was more doleful, as Nicoleta embraced Ileana one last time and told her, “I’ll miss you, so much.  Can I come visit you in Vallaya?”

“You’ll have to ask the sisters about that,” Ileana said, “But you’re always welcome if you can.  And I’ll be sure to visit you.”

Ileana was soon galloping out of town on her horse, which she sped down the road towards Vallaya.  Pulling into her stable and approaching the door, she found no Andrei there to greet her when she knocked.  After she entered, she found he was also absent behind the counter of the shop.

When she did find Andrei, he was lying in his bed, asleep.  Several packages of vampire wares had been opened and emptied, and the discarded containers littered the floor.  As she approached Andrei, she saw that his skin was pale and sweat beaded on his forehead.  She ran foreword and put her hand on his forehead and found his skin hot to the touch.

He began to mutter as he partially came to consciousness, saying, to no on in particular, “I need…  I need… ”

“What do you need?” she asked, grabbing his hand.

Opening his eyes finally, and looking up at Ileana, standing over him, he asked, “Is that you Ileana?”  She smiled and said, “Yes,” gripping his hand more firmly.  Then he continued, “more vampire wares.  That’s the only thing that helps.”

Before she left, Ilean lifted up his lips to inspect his teeth.  Even though it was only to a small degree, it was clear that his incisors had started to grow.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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