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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vampire Wares Conclusion

I finished up with my last Vampire Wares segment yesterday.  In my opening statement I anticipated it would take 12 months, but it's been finished up in only 7.5 months.  That's because I actually started making my four-times-weekly segments longer than I first planned, originally thinking of getting them in under 400 words, then changing it to under 800 words (on the whole, they average about 776 words per segment).  Doing shorter segments is actually more difficult, and I don't think as satisfying for the reader.  So, it actually ended up being longer than I initially planned, though I finished more quickly.  I'll have a published ebook out in a few weeks.  It'll be more polished and slightly expanded, correcting the many errors I made, refining the language, and adding a bit more detail.

Next week I'll start on a new serial work: again four times a week at under 800 words.  I anticipate this one will last much longer, probably more than a year.  Assuming 750 words per segment, 4 segments a week and 52 weeks per year, that's over 156,000 words (520 pages at 300 words/page); so, it'll be big.  We'll see.  Hopefully I'll be coming back in 12 months with another sizable work completed.

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