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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A fragment of a story

I had a dream once that I saw a mystical teacher and his three apprentices, all dressed in spartan, beige-colored habits and bearing closely cropped hair, jogging through a field. It was the half light of dusk and the field was of long brown grass that glowed a golden glow in the light of a sun sinking over the distant mountains. Their goal was a pilgrimage to a far away, high up temple of some vague ominousness, a dark place of uncertain evil. There the youngest of the three apprenctices, the initiate, would be put through a dangerous ritual, a purgation, wherein he'd be cleansed of evil. But along this path the four of them were being stalked, by a small but malicious creature that lurked in the long grass and sought to pick them off one by one.

I woke up at this point, but the question, which perhaps you can answer, is what was going to happen next.

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