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Friday, March 30, 2012

Vampire Wares pt 52

Mir looked at Lina once she’d turned around and said to her with a dismissive grunt, “The new girl.  Sim’s infected.  Right?  What was your name again?  Lina?”  Lina nodded, and he continued, “I’m Mir.  If no one has told you yet, access to this area is not for casual visits.  We don’t want to infect our animals now do we?  What were you doing here?”

“Just talking to one of them,” Lina innocently replied, “I didn’t know it was restricted.”

“Well don’t talk to them,” he stringently ordered, “It’s not good becoming emotionally attached to your meals.  This is not your place.  Tell Sim to keep a closer eye on you, since you’re his responsibility and he’ll get punished for your wrongdoings.  Now, get out of here.”

Lina looked back quickly in Nicoleta’s direction before she left and saw Nicoleta looking back at her with a confused look.  Then she quickly left, and went directly to Sim’s room, telling him she was ready to start her cleaning duties.

Nicoleta meanwhile asked Oana, “What was that about?”

“She wanted to know whether you’re alive,” Oana replied.

“It makes no sense.  Why would she care?  What did she think would happen when she handed me over to the vampires?  As far as she knew I was supposed to be dead and eaten by now.”

Nicoleta wandered away from the large “barred room” and went deeper into the caverns of the humans’ vast pen, to reach the so-called “arena.”  Unlike the clearly artificial walls of the barred room, the arena appeared to be one of the original natural caverns the coven was built upon, since the ceiling was populated by a forest of stalactites that hung in long spikes from the ceiling.  The ground had been smoothed out and mostly flattened, with many random pieces of furniture scattered about, but the ceiling and many of the walls were untouched.  Many people sat in the room, some relaxing, some talking, others sleeping, and others alone, preoccupied with thought.

Nicoleta sat down on the cold floor and herself became preoccupied with thought, wondering what would happen to her here.  She had already learned that there were people who had been here for decades.  Even a few children who had been born here.  Was this to be her permanent home from now on?

Many events had transpired since the night she was taken from the convent and Nicoleta recollected them in order. It began when Madalina had suddenly woken her from a sleep, tightly wrapped in her own sheets, her mouth gagged and Madalina ominously looming over her.  She had been carried on Madalina’s shoulder, stuffed through tight orifices and ultimately placed at the feet of the vampires like a divine offering.  Then she was placed inside a net and carried by the vampires’ rapid steps through the woods to the entrance of their cave.

Once inside, she remembered seeing that vast room with vampires in numbers she simply couldn’t count, as she repeatedly tried to swing her head this way and that to catch all that was going on.  While in the process of carried through the forest her fears had been able to slowly subside and hibernate in her chest, but seeing such sights, in disbelief that there could be such vast numbers of vampires hidden under the surface of the ground, her fears were vehemently revived.  The only possibility that crossed her mind was that she was to be food for these monsters and that they would tear her body limb from limb and eat her every fragment of flesh until she was finally relieved from the suffering by the oblivion of death and her soul’s ascent to heaven.

But that wasn’t what they did.  The one vampire, that female, who entered with such a regal presence, ordered her and Oana taken away, and so they were.  Passing through halls and rooms, until a door was opened, she and Oana were untied and then thrown through the opening, just before the door was closed behind them.

When she stood up, she grabbed Oana for comfort, and they looked around terrified, not knowing what horrors to expect from the shadows.  They cautiously began to explore the space, with great trepidation, staying close to one another to protect each other.

The first person to approach them walked with a crooked step and had long black hair that splashed out in all directions atop his head.  He seemed to have only one good eye, and bent this ugly face towards them to give them a good look.  He asked them, “What’s your names,” and likewise introduced himself as “Dragomir.”

In a certain sense, he was the leader of the humans of the pen, and only advised them of one thing, “Stay out of the way of the vampires if you want to last.”

The next day, Nicoleta would discover what Dragomir meant.

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You can see what's been written so far collected here.

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